Pat Moore Gore Giveaway

We got a lot of entries for this one. Apparently a lot of our readers are pretty damn demented.  We saw drawings with dead dogs, decapitated Ski Patrolers, devils, and even one bare-chested beauty. Thanks for that! And all the other entries. Some of them are hanging on the walls of the office here at TransWorld.

But, with every contest, there can only be one winner and this time round it’s Jason Deary from Northville, Michigan. He wins a Forum Pat Moore Scheme 155 and a pair of Forum Republic bindings.

Check out his art.





Jason even included an explanation about how he put together the gnarliest piece in the submission.

About the Zombie:


“Here’s how I did this one in case you’re curious.

1. Draw the zombie in pen and ink.

2.Take separate paper, spray paint background.

3. Glue original over sprayed background, cut out paper the doesn’t have zombie image.

4. Lightly pain everything white to knock back the colours.

5. Spray, drip, splash more greesn, reds, purple, black, etc onto page.

6. Re-do zombie line work with pen and ink.

7. Add colors, highlights to finish.

8. Bingo-bango! Don! Zombie!

P.S. If you ever need illustrations, me a shout. Will work for gear/lift tickets?”

So, if there’s anyone out there that needs some gruesome and has gear and/or lift tickets to trade. Hit us up and will put you in touch with Jason.

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