June Mountain's Gunsmoke Superpark destroyed it last season. All anyone could talk about mid March was the lineup of tabletops down the face. The series consisted of the 55-foot Gunsmoke Channel Gap, two 65-foot step-downs, followed by an 85-foot step-down. All laid out in the classic June Mountain top-to-bottom flow that Park Designer Eric Rosenwald has every reason to be proud of.

The layout is never stale because the park is reinvented and reshaped all season long by the six-man crew. Riders can choose between the Mambo Micropark, the Sunrise Mainpark, and the Gunsmoke Superpark, taking your skills from beginner to super-advanced all in the 50-acre zone.

Think the four-set jump line down the face made waves? Just when you thought you knew what a Superpipe was, June came along and spiced up the recipe. Take one 500-foot-long pipe, add two drop-in towers, twenty-foot sections of coping, and two built-in twenty-foot flat rails along the walls. It's seriously gourmet, and riders like Danny Kass and Tommy Czechin are there every day eatin' it up. The sculpted pipe is found on Chalet.

This winter, the world-famous pink wallride will have undergone major changes–keeping ahead of the imitators and keeping the progression flowing. You know those creative juices at June aren't drying up anytime soon.–Annie Fast

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Jumps: 25

Jibs: 30

Parks: 3

Superpipe: 1

Web Site: junemountain.com