Real Good Crap

Drop that crusty bread and point yourself to the Southeast corner of Switzerland. From late October to mid December, Laax has glacier season. Riders head 10,000 feet above sea level to the Vorab Glacier to shred Monsterpipe and Park Vorab. A Superpipe, a kicker line, and about ten rails keep riders happy through the gray days.

Once winter and the regular season hits, local riders like Fabienne Reuteler and Nicolas Mà…ller drop down to the Monsterpipe Crap Lang-at 140 meters (460 feet!), it’s one of the longest Superpipes in the world. This season, the resort is claiming its pipe is next-level, thanks to a custom-made pipe cutter that “pushes the limits to the max.” The other pipe is called the Monsterpipe Crap Kurz and has smaller dimensions, making it the beginner’s choice.

Riders stop in at The No Name Cafe directly above the Snowboarding Park Crap to kick back with a Calander Br u on the deck and check all the hot action. The park has one kicker line with about six absprànge (kickers) and three rail lines with twenty rails-rainbow rails, straight rails, A-rails-and boxes like the kink box, straight boxes, S-boxes, parallel C-boxes, and a wallride.

The Boardercross Crap course is one of the better-maintained courses in the world. It’s a sick slaloming ride through the banked turns over the tables, double jumps, and through the whoop section.

If you’re just here for the freestylin’, make sure to ask for a Park & Pipe ticket that gets you up the cable car, and all day access to the Monsterpipes and the parks for 38 Swiss francs (about 32 U.S. dollars).

And for the record, “crap” means “rock” or “boulder” in German.—Annie Fast

How much does Andre Kuhlmann like the pipe at Laax? This much! Photo: Markus Fisher

Sani Alibabic pulls fives off this kicker all day and retires to the not-so-peaceful Riders Palace in the Swiss village come night. Photo: Markus Fisher

“My favorite time to ride the park and pipe is in March and April. The features get soft and you can try new stuff. But don’t forget to shred powder-the freeride terrain is awesome, too!”-Fabienne Reuteler


Boardercross: 1

Parks: 2

Superpipes: 3

Events: Burton European Open, January 15-22; Amped Champs, April 2-3; Spring Session Laax, April 13-17

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