Park Sessions 2013: Winter Park Preview

Photos: Aaron Blatt

 Park Sessions Winter Park Preview

Hello internet! Park Sessions at Winter Park, Colorado just wrapped up, and we had one hell of a week here. Day one was a full blown storm day, we did a couple pow park laps through the Railyard and Dark Territory parks and then headed over to Mary Jane for some sick tree runs and wild bumps with our crew of Ben Lynch, Tim Eddy, Jackson Fowler, Tucker Andrews, Alex Rodway, and Sam Hulbert, plus our photo dude Aaron Blatt and filmer guys Justin Gunson and Patrick Raicher. Then we caught three days of classic Colorado sunshine with temps in the mid thirties, and the parks are on point. That foot of snow groomed into the features nicely, and the park crew here at Winter Park dials everything in on the daily. We got a couple wild cards in the mix, local rippers Ben Berberich and Ryan Arrington, plus Chad Otterstrom and Summit County via Maine homey Jack Kyle, that added to our diverse crew of boarders. And that was it, a crew of boarders doin' what they do best, that's boardin'. Nothing about the week felt like a photo shoot or a video project, just a bunch of dudes lapping the park. And if you want the same experience we had, just get here this weekend. Winter Park is on tap to get upwards of a foot of snow through Saturday, so come shred Mary Jane then stick around for when the parks get cleaned up and let 'er eat. Bet you a plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters you'll have a good time.

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Alex Rodway aint scared of no lip. Photo: Aaron Blatt.