Park Sessions 2013 Mammoth preview

Mammoth was real good to us. Harrison Gordon, Alex Sherman, Alex Rodway, Jaeger Bailey, Cody Rosenthal, Scott Blum, Tyler Flanagan, Jared Dawoud, Alex Lopez, Lonnie Kauk and a bunch of other Mammoth locals boarded the BMX track and rode the halfpipe, South and Main Park for the week and had a good time doing it. We filmed, shot some photos, and got weird in the village. The jumps are dialed in, you’ll surprise yourself with how comfortable you feel on those big tables, everything is perfect. Plus the Volcom Brothers skatepark is all dry except for the deep ends of the big bowl so you can cap off a day at the mountain with some skating. Springtime in Mammoth is hard to beat, and they’re staying open into May with Grenade Games 9 coming up April 27-28. Plenty of time to get there and do it yourself.


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Alex Rodway. Photo: Darcy Bacha.