Freestyle terrain has always come naturally to Mt. Bachelor--a little wind blowing the right direction and features like The Compression and Jamo Jump just show up. But over the last few years, Bachelor started competing with the winds of fate and has built up some worthy man-made features and rails. Teamriders like Allister Schultz, Josh Dirksen, Janna Meyen, Kevin Jones, and others have added their two-cents to help realize the potential of the Air Chamber park.

The Air Chamber is located riders’ left of the Skyliner Express Chair on the DSQ run. Bachelor extended the park, adding roughly one-fifth more terrain, so it’s now a top-to-bottom run. There’s a true rail section of about three sets, two-deep at the top of the park, including two new rails like the double-wides seen in the Robot Food video Lame. The best new feature this winter is the funbox-style, eight-foot-tall wallride. The lower part has boardercross-style rollers and a smattering of rails. The park takes advantage of the natural kickers hidden around the mountain--which are Bachelor’s undisputed best features. It also has hips, tabletops, and signature rails designed by the freeride team and Terrain Coordinator Lev Stryker.

The 420-foot-long Superpipe, up to Olympic standards, is located underneath the Pine Marten Express lift. Also check the Slopestyle Arena alongside the pipe--you can practice for the heavy contests on these hits and rails.

Everything is groomed throughout the winter, so it’s usually a hit. If you want some help with your freestyle moves, check out the High Cascade Snowboard Camp winter sessions at Bachelor ( or ride into the beginner’s Sunshine Park next to Sunshine Accelerator lift.

If you read this column thinking it was about skateparks, you won’t be totally disappointed. Just down the road in Redmond, you can session the Dreamland Designs concrete park--this is Oregon after all.--A.F.


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TransWorld TransAm February 28, 2004

FIS Nokia Snowboard World Championships March 1--7, 2004