Pantech Invitational Dew Tour At Killington: Pipe Finals


Photos by Aaron Blatt
Words by Andrew Hogue

Time to pop them bottles and make it rain. Superpipe finals have now concluded and Iouri Podlachikov flew like a bat out of hell to the top of this podium. Accompanied by Louie Vito and joined late by Matt Ladley, today they stand above the rest. Although the men kept it conservative in the semis, the final showdown was anything but. Courtesy of the green monster that Killington's crew pulled out of thin air, the pros took flight with double corks and didn't look back. In the end, Ipod and Vito faced off as the last two riders of the contest, with the man from across the Atlantic taking it home.

Until Luke Mitrani fired up the scoreboard with an 87.5, the finals started slow. From there, it picked up. Vito raised the bar with a 94.5, and Ipod stole the show on his final run that featured a double cork 1260. It ended in dramatic fashion with Louie having the last say. He came close, but no cigar. The difference between 1st and 2nd was a margin of 1.5 points. With a win here, Ipod not only stands atop the stage today but the Dew Standings too. Now that Winter X is right around the corner, it's time to push the limit or pack it up. The competition was nearly deadlocked between the top two riders and the stiff opposition pushed Ipod to point it for the win, as he explained "to see Louie stick such solid runs and Danny really go for it, they helped me up the anti myself".

With no shortage of excitement, there was even a race for third. On his final run of the contest, Ladley knocked Luke Mitrani from the podium after he walked away from his second run with an 89 flat. Other notable Roger Kleivdal stepped up with a big run of his own and finished fifth. Kyle Mack gave us a glimpse of the future, but couldn’t stick the back to back 10s that kicked off his runs. Thor Holvick and Danny Davis struggled to get it going too, but it's all good. Next week is what matters now and after today, the boys will be all the more hungry to get it.