PORTLAND, OR. (June 30, 2003) Palmer Snowboards has moved to Portland,Oregon to work with Nemo Design.

Palmer marketing director Bud Fawcett has moved operations to the statesin order to get the branding up to the level of their industry leadingtechnical products. “Portland is as close to a snowboard epicenter asyou’re going to find. It’s less regional and the Hood summer scene hasa more global feeling.”

I chose Nemo for their snowboarding experience as well as their knowledgeof branding, action sports, and even Shaun himself. After creating abazillion snowboard graphics for almost every major brand, countlesssnowboard related catalogs and print advertising projects, NEMO has becomeknown for its direct line into the action sports and youth culturepsyche.” -Bud Fawcett.

Fawcett was involved in snowboarding before the advent of bindings and hasbeen with Palmer since its inception. The original documentary snowboardphotographer, he is now leading Palmer Snowboards on a bold move towardsgreater public awareness. “Palmer is one of the very few remainingauthentic snowboard brands and we deserve an authentic agency like Nemo.”

Nemo was hatched in 1997 by principals Trevor Graves, Jeff Bartel, andChris Hotz in an attempt to do what they love and “get real paid.” Theybrought K2 to the top in three short years. Nemo has also worked withadidas, American Eagle Outfitters, ECKO Unlimited, Robotfood, and threeNike divisions (Timing, Vision, and ACG) and is instrumental inthe launch of Fox’s new sports network FUEL.

Jeff Bartel has been creating amazing board graphics for the top riderssince before they were. Chris Hotz tends an ever-growing alliance ofeclectic artists, designers, and photographers. With this association ofcreative-types to choose from NEMO can put together the perfect team forAny challenge.

If Bud was the original snowboard photographer then Trevor was the second.3We’ve known each other so long and come up in the same world, so thecommunication is great. Nobody has to bring anybody up to speed, we’realready hauling ass. Now it’s time to turbo-charge the Palmer image.”-Trevor Graves.

Visit palmersnowboards.com to learn more, the new site launches 7/15/03.Check nemodesign.com to dig deeper.