Palmer Brand Debuts At Licensing Show

SHAUN PALMER IS EXTREME SPORTSPalmer Name Puts Cool in Extreme Sports Branding

(KANSAS CITY, KS) June 12, 2001 — Where basketball has Michael Jordan, golf has Tiger Woods, and football has Joe Montana, the extreme sports arena lacked a figurehead who can do it all…until now.

Enter Shaun Palmer, tattooed and scowling at the starting gate, and dubbed the world’s greatest athlete by USA Today for his all-around extreme sports athleticism. A champion snowboarder and mountain biker, as well as a professional skier, motorcycle racer and car racer (to name a few), Shaun Palmer embodies the can-do-it-all approach that defines our times.

The Palmer brand made its debut at LICENSING 2001 International, June 12 ¿ 14, at Hakan & Associates (Booth 3417) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

“As the first athlete to garner fame outside of the extreme sports world, Shaun has helped to create a fashion sense and attitude that translate well into licensed product lines,” says Brian Hakan, president of Hakan & Associates. “Thanks to his reign of extreme sports and his powerful visibility, the Palmer brand is, in a word, cool in the eyes of today’s consumers.”

Palmer recently shared the stage with Tiger Woods, Marion Jones, Pete Sampras and Shaquille O’Neal when he was awarded ESPN’s 2001 ESPY award for Action Sports Athlete of the Year. JVC just signed him on as a spokesman for its “Ride the Wild Side” Promotion, and Activision is releasing the Shaun Palmer Pro-Snowboarder video game in fall of 2001. Shaun was also awarded Europe’s NEA Award for mountain biking last summer.

“Because Shaun Palmer is a legend in extreme sports, the Palmer brand lets customers feel they’re associated with the best while giving voice to their own brand of extremism,” says Hakan. “The bottom line? The Palmer brand is an experience, not a product.” Brian P. Hakan & Associates Inc. is a full-service licensing agency established in 1986. The firm provides a complete range of licensing program development services for leading licensors including Taco Bell, KFC, CBS Sports, Huffy Sports, Rubba Ducks, Heelys, EPatrol, and Wally Amos Presents Chip & Cookie. Hakan & Associates has used its licensing expertise and strategic partners to develop licensing programs for a wide range of brands. The company was instrumental in developing the licensing program for the Taco Bell Chihuahua. For their efforts, Hakan & Taco Bell were awarded the prestigious “1998 Brand/Corporate License of the Year” Award in June of 1999. Founder Brian Hakan is immediate past Chairman of the Board of Directors of LIMA, the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association, the largest licensing industry trade association in the world.