Palmer and BroForm Hookup

Brooklyn Park, MN and Tustin, CA – Palmer has retained BroForm to host and service their industry purchase programs, also historically called broforms. BroForm, Inc. is in their third year providing regulated industry purchase program services for the outdoor and action sports industries. Palmer broforms are now placed and processed online utilizing BroForm Inc’s proprietary technology at either or

“We, at Palmer USA focus on bringing the highest quality performance products to you the shop employee at the best value.” reports Palmer’s Marty Carrigan. BroForm Inc’s John Telfer states “Palmer’s popularity among serious riders brings us together to better service the shop employees needs”. Shaun Palmer is a living legend, as a rider he pushed snowboarding to the top of action sports visibility and respectability. His namesake product represents that commitment to pushing the envelope. Take your riding to the next level!”

“We’re pumped to be helping Palmer manage their continued solid growth by servicing their industry customers more effectively, and at the same time take on responsibility to protect the integrity of their program, making sure only the qualified shop employees have access to the Palmer hookup.”

Current Palmer authorized retail employees and industry VIP’s can still contact their Palmer sales or customer service rep for the Hookup Key, instead of the standard paper order form, which will give them access to the Palmer industry purchase program online at To find out more about getting a free membership with BroForm give them a call at 877-727-6367, or register online at