Page Wins Ripzone Big Air

It’s a miracle. Almost a year after riding into a cat-wench wire stretched across a ski run, and almost tearing off both legs, Mike Page won the Ripzone Big Air at Whistler, Canada in front of a packed crowd at the center of the village. After his injury, doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to ever ride again. But here he was, not only riding, but winning a big-air contest.

There were some big names in the 24-man invitational event, including the likes of Risto Scott, Max Jenke, Paavo Tikkanen, and Dionne Delesalle, and the action was intense, as each of the riders got to take two jumps, then the field was cut down to six finalists.

The round of six included Jesse Fox, Aleksi Vanninen, Daniel Migneault, Page, Andrew Hardingham, and Tarte. Each jumped twice, then the field was cut to three riders who were then in a one-jump super finals.

In an interesting twist, the highest scoring rider, Migneault, was given the option of going first, or letting the other riders jump. He opted for last, and Fox went first, crashing. Then Page rolled down the big air and stuck a switch frontside 720. Migneault followed with a backside nine, but put his hand down on the landing and barely held on for the ride out.

The judging was tight, but the win had to go to Page’s stomped trick, and thus his return to riding was complete.