KENNEWICK, WA. Sept. 1 – Outback Mountain board is pleased to announce that its manufacturing consultant brought the frames up to Mt. Shasta and after a weekend of test riding everyone is pleased with the results of the company’s R&D program. Feedback from Mike Stewart and the riders at Mt. Shasta is that the new frames are bomb proof! They couldn’t bend the new tubing chromoly frames or the new machined king pins even after 7 foot high jumps. And the improved frame design is lighter so riders can catch more air!

The company has met with a Taiwan tire manufacturer and distributor. They have the ability to design an improved Outback Mountainboard tire and produce it in Taiwan at a nominal increase over our current cost. The new tire would be a wider tire with a center ridge that would provide more speed and a smoother ride regardless of the terrain.

The product improvements are:

1. All chromoly frame that is incredibly durable and lighter. It will also be zinc plated chrome, which is visibly more appealing than the black steel of previous models.

2. Stronger front axle king pins that withstand baddest big air jumps.

3. New color graphics on the decks. (three groups are working on new color designs that incorporate our logo to increase brand awareness; the design groups are working for free vying it out for our business)

4. New model sizes for: long, short and junior (previous one size only model was the short board)

5. More durable brake pads for the foot brake

6. New improved hand brake attachment accessory.

7. New tires for a smoother and faster ride.

All these new improvements will come about without increases to our manufacturing costs, due to changes in the way our frames will be built. In fact, we have significantly lower tooling costs with this design.

Company rep Mike Stewart and some of our riders made it to Tahoe yesterday to start practicing for the big race this weekend. Keale, one of our pro riders, tied the record fastest time for the course in just his fourth practice run. Looks like we’re going to smoke the competition! Akoni, the famous pro surfer from Hawaii is flying in tonight and staying with Outback’s team. The company is negotiating for Akoni to ride on behalf of the Outback team. This would be a major coup since Akoni is a very recognized pro who can enhance our image, elevate our competitions and help us capture the Hawaii market. Representatives of Outback Mountainboards will talk to him and our other pro riders about our next years’ marketing program and how they may participate in our televised competitions and demo programs to support the retail stores and mountain resorts. And in another big coup, Nillard Pilavakis (the women’s snowboard boardercross world champion) is also under discussion to be part of the Outback Team Rider tour. She was very disappointed that she had to go on an LL Bean catalog shoot in Argentina and will miss this weekend’s competition. Also, the word is out on the street that Outback is developing a four wheel board and all the pros are jazzed about it and awaiting its debut!

So this year’s competition is looking to be our best ever. We have several core pro riders competing plus a whole crew coming down ffrom Shasta. Look for the Outback booth and join the fun.