OSin’s Quickie Commercial

Original Sin snowboard’s much-touted Quickie step-in binding commercial is in full swing, running nationally. With phones ringing and e-mails coming in, Original Sin feels all signs are confirming the market is interested in Original Sinà'¹s step-in snowboard binding.

Barely two weeks into the television campaign, the Original Sin Quickie binding spot is heavily impacting Web traffic, consumer phone calls and brochure requests. “In just a little over two weeks weà'¹ve already seen an amazing increase in our Web traffic, phone inquiries and brochure requests,” explains Original Sinà'¹s Dan Sullivan. “When we run a spot in a certain market, we immediately see an increase in Web traffic and consumer inquiries coming from that region. Truth is, the traffic is much larger than we had even hoped for.”

The TV spot focuses on Original Sin’s Quickie Step-in binding system and is designed to educate consumers on the convenience factor of the step-in system and drive traffic to the stores. The spot directs riders to www.originalsin.com, or to an 800 number for more information, or to find the dealer nearest them.

The company Web site compliments the commercial and highlights the Quickie. If a Web visitor hasnà'¹t seen the spot, they can view a streaming version of it on the site using either Real Media or Windows Media. In addition to the video, the site features a new store search that offers the viewer a list of Original Sin dealers nearest them, including the option to print a map to the dealer. Additionally, a board finder gives viewers complete board, binding, boot suggestions for their riding style.

For people interested in demoing product, the site includes a list of stores that offer Quickie demos/rentals, as well as on-mountain Performance Centers that feature a complete selection of OSin products. Web visitors can print a coupon for $5 off a demo at any the Performance Centers. (Northstar at Tahoe, CA; Mt Bachelor, OR; Loon, NH, and Bear Mountain, CA.)

“Weà'¹ve created Performance Centers to give people a chance to test the product, boards, or bindings and see for themselves,” explains Sullivan. “This year at Bear Mountain, thereà'¹s a new halfpipe right next to the Performance Center that weà'¹re hoping will increase traffic at the Center.”