O’Sin To Relocate

Original Sin and its parent company Skis Dynastar, Inc. has announced they will relocate their U.S. corporate headquarters next summer. Limited by its current warehouse facility, and coupled with continuous sales growth, the company will move its warehouse operations to a flexible space in South Burlington, VT. The warehouse operation will utilize the current Dynastar warehouse staff and is expected to be more efficient and cost effective, thus providing better service to its customers. The offices of the company will be relocated in the same area, to a renovated Rossignol building, which currently is unused. This will allow the Rossignol Group to optimize utilization of its existing resources without sacrificing any potential development of existing brands.

“As President of the Rossignol Group’s managing board, I wish to take this opportunity to confirm that the Group’s strategy is to protect and promote all of its brand identities, which are its strongest asset,” stated Jacques Rodet, president of the managing board, Skis Rossignol, SA and Chairman of Skis Dynastar SA. “Consistent with this philosophy, the Group’s policy with respect to the Dynastar, Lange, Look, Kerma and Original Sin brands in the U.S., is to maintain their autonomous management under the guidance of the highly professional team at Skis Dynastar, Inc. This policy is demonstrated by the Group’s recent nomination of Mr. Bernard Liatti to the position of Chairman and CEO of Skis Dynastar, Inc. Mr. Liatti is also the President of Skis Dynastar S.A., Dynastar Inc.’s parent company in France.”

Mr. Rodet continued, “The changes in operations outlined do not alter the Dynastar’s team primary function, to promote and sell its brands independent from the management team of Rossignol. Specifically, it is not the Group’s intention to merge Skis Dynastar, Inc. with Rossignol Ski Company, Inc. The substantial savings expected from these organizational changes will then be made available to both companies for reallocation to vital marketing and promotional efforts. And, the increased financial strength of Skis Dynastar, Inc.’s parent company in Europe will permit it to provide additional support in its subsidiary’s ongoing efforts for brand promotion.”