Ortovox Sales Up 11% In FY 2003

2002-2003 marked strong year for leading snow safety brand

Hopkinton, NH – (October 2, 2003) — As Ortovox USA’s fiscal year closes this week they are reporting that U.S. sales for the world’s #1 selling snow safety brand are up a whopping 11%. The past year has been an exciting one for the company, ending with a late season introduction of the X1, the only new transceiver on the market in 2003.

Ortovox attributes this year’s leap in sales to the introduction of the X1, growing sales of probes and shovels, and the M2 transceiver reaffirming itself as the choice of pros. This year ski patrols, guide and heli ski/snowboard companies across North America stocked up on Ortovox’s M2, the pros choice worldwide, while bringing the easy to use X1 in for clients.

Even with more manufacturers in the shovel and probe business, Ortovox is coming off the best year ever for sales in these areas. New probes made of carbon fiber and one of the widest range of shovel options in the industry caused both to fly off shelves boosting the strong transceiver sales numbers.

“Looking at the surge in telemark skiing and snowmobiling, along with the enthusiasm more skiers, snowmobilers and snowboarders are showing to go beyond the boundaries, we only see growth on the horizon,” says Marcus Peterson, General Manager of Ortovox USA. “Within Ortovox, we are working to fill the needs of the growing market with products like the X1 that is easy to use, even for people new to the sports. As the X1 gains traction being the premiere beacon on the market and new products like the F1 Heli enter the line, we expect Ortovox to continue to lead the marketplace.”

The X1 continues to be a top choice across the backcountry spectrum for consumers looking for a beacon that brings range and speed together in one incredibly easy to use package. In 2003-2004, look for the X1 to be available in even more shops across the US and Canada.

Also contributing to the sales increase is the military’s choice of Ortovox as the snow safety brand with which they’ll are troops as they head into snow and mountain areas. Starting this fall, an entire brigade of US Army mountain-based special operations forces will join thousands of ski patrollers, search and rescue crews, guide companies and backcountry enthusiasts in the carrying of Ortovox’s M2 Transceiver and Expert Shovel.

About Ortovox

Ortovox is the world’s #1 selling avalanche transceiver brand. In addition to a full line of transceivers, Ortovox produces avalanche safety equipment including shovels, probes, packs and accessories. Ortovox has a strong rapport with all who have a burning passion for the sports beyond boundaries within them, so Ortovox creates sophisticated products whose safety features permit you to have more fun. For additional information regarding Ortovox, please contact Lora Bodmer at Stanwood & Partners Public Relations by phone 307/733-1514 or email at lbodmer@wyoming.com. Or visit the Ortovox website at www.ortovox.com.