Ortovox Releases Search Training System

Ortovox’s Search Training System allows trainers to control all variables remotely

Hopkinton, NH (Spring, 2004) — Ortovox, the world’s #1 selling snow safety brand, introduces the first wireless transceiver training system in the US to patrols, snow safety schools and guide operations. Ortovox’s Search Training System allows one person to manage the entire search scenario and all variables from one portable control panel.

Set up your search area in minutes with a wireless system that allows you to create a search senario without boundaries. Ortovox’s STS allows testers to alter scenarios and variables all day long without wasting precious practice time digging up and relocating transmitting beacons.

Each scenario can be unique as the search coordinator isolates individual transmitters alternating not only which of the 5 transmitters are on, but also the type of beacon each is transmitting as and the orientation of a beacon’s burial. Choose from 6 of the most common beacon model’s signals throughout the day from the hand held remote. When setting up the course, create more variables using signal transmission angles from the diagram on each transmitter of a perpendicular flux line alignment.

The stats:

First wireless avalanche search training system in the U.S.

5 transmitters and remote portable in compact case

Choose from 6 of the most common transmitting signals

Turn on and off remotely

About Ortovox

Backcountry skiers, snowboarders, free riders, snowmobiliers and the military special forces all over the world have one thing in common: mountains and snow. Ortovox has been #1 selling transceiver brand worldwide for over 20 years. Ortovox has a connection with all who have a burning passion for the sports beyond boundaries within them, so they create sophisticated products whose safety features that permit you to have more fun. For additional information regarding Ortovox, visit the Ortovox website at www.ortovox.com.