Ortovox Releases Heli F1, X1

Hopkinton, NH (July, 2003) — Ortovox, the world’s #1 selling snow safety brand, hits the air taking guided backcountry travel to the next level of safety. The classic F1 avalanche transceiver is modified to give heli pilots an even more valuable role in search and rescue operations.

Through Ortovox’s analog technology, the Heli F1 has an incredible range of over 80 meters and the ability to isolate signals with the volume control switch, when searching for multiple victims. The Heli F1 is modified to only receive signals and be installed in reach of the pilot so he or she can handle the volume control switch while flying.

“Through our work with rescue, guide and patrol professionals worldwide, we created a reasonably priced product specifically for the growing helicopter market,” says Marcus Peterson, General Manager of Ortovox USA. “Ortovox created the Heli F1 as another level of our commitment to increasing the number of rescues and decreasing the critical time factor.”

The Heli F1 is modified to only receive signals and be installed in reach of the pilot so he or she can handle the volume control switch while flying. The steel antennae is removed from the beacon and situated in a tube outside of the helicopter or attached to the helicopter skid for maximum range.

Like all Ortovox avalanche transceivers the helicopter system has a plug socket for connecting an earphone. The signal can be fed into the radio equipment, allowing the pilot to directly approach the victim. The rescue team will then be dropped off at the point where the pilot received the strongest signal to start a pinpoint search and rescue of the buried person. The searchers need to be carrying their own avalanche transceivers, probe poles and shovels.

The Heli F1 was tested last winter by the Federal Border Guard of Germany and other European Guide Services. During rescues and training, it proved itself easy to use and time saving. Winter 2003-2004 will mark the F1 Helis trip across the pond as it is added to safety efforts of guide operations across North America including, Ruby Mountain Heli Ski and High Mountain Heli. Testing and training begins this fall.

The X1 Rules Both Range and Direction in One

Ortovox’s X1 shakes up the beacon game by combining the best of digital and analog technology

Combining the tried and true technology of analog and newer directional digital search capabilities, the X1 takes the best of both worlds into one transceiver. Ortovox, the world’s #1 selling snow safety brand, presents the X1, which is the first fully automatic digital beacon.

The X1 is the world’s only transceiver combining analog search capabilities with 2 digital antennae that allow for directional searches, while displaying distance in meters. Outpacing every competitor in range, multiple victim searches, easy strap adjustment, warranty and highly dexterous controls:¿


With 80 meters of search range the X1 reaches beyond the competition’s all digital options that fall short of most big mountain slides with only 30-35 meters of coverage.¿


Analog techniques enable you to audibly isolate signals.¿


No hassles, just over the shoulder, then around the waist and click. Automatically turns the beacon on, saving precious time and eliminating error.¿


Automatically switches to receive when latch is opened to begin search. It is impossible to accidentally switch the X1 back to transmit during a search.


5 years on all Ortovox transceivers

During the search from a full 80 meters or more At 80 meters the green ‘flux line’ indicators come on and audible analog signals confirm distance. Around 50m, continue to follow the green light that keeps you on the right path and listen to analog signal to track direction and isolate signals in multiple burials. Near 35m the digital meter begins to give a numeric distance to the closest victim. The anallog sound gets louder and the searcher hears two audible signals if there are multiple burials. In the final 10m, visual vectoring begins as the second antenna kicks in. Directional lights will point the searcher directly down the flux line. Digital numbers indicate distance and the analog signal confirms the digital readings.

The X1 hits stores in the fall of 2003 with a retail price off $289.95. Also, new from Ortovox this year is the F1 Heli, carbon fiber probes, the sturdy and economical telescopic shovel and a beacon for your dog.

About Ortovox

Backcountry skiers, snowboarders, free riders, snowmobiliers and the military special forces all over the world have one thing in common: mountains and snow. Ortovox has been #1 selling transceiver brand worldwide for over 20 years. Ortovox has a connection with all who have a burning passion for the sports beyond boundaries within them, so they create sophisticated products whose safety features that permit you to have more fun. For additional information regarding Ortovox, visit the Ortovox website at www.ortovox.com.