Option/NFA Announces 2000/2001 Team

In an effort to compete and stay ahead, Option – NFA is proud to announce the 2000-2001 team line up. In addition to well known team riders, Kevin Sansalone, Joni Makinen, Jon Cartwright, and Anrdew Hardingham – Option NFA would like to welcome Carsten Bahnson of Bozeman MT, Steven Brown of Mammoth Lakes CA, Jeff Nelson of Breckenridge CO, and Charles Antoinne – Perreault of Mont Saint Anne, Quebec to the team.

Carsten Bahnson is our new big mountain freestyle rider. Carsten boast big technical tricks with smoothe style and a stomped landing. Carsten has spent an entire season filming with Rich Goodwin for Standard Films. Look out for Carsten on the horizon.

Stevn Brown brings technical booter riding with mad jib style to the table for us. Mammoth represent yo!! Steven has a thing for sliding football goal posts!! Steven was featured in last years movie, “Diary of a Madman” by Todd Hazeltine. Steven is currently filming now, so keep your eyes out for him!!

Jeff Nelson launches the tech fstyle in the Rocky Mountain area for us. Jeff is know in that area for monter size airs with fluidity and the ability to land. Jeff has been filming with Whitey a little this season so you can expect to see a cameo appearance in Whitey’s upcoming film, “Destroyer”. Jeff is aslo working on a checkout in Transworld for the upcoming season.

Charles Perreault is the 418 pipe connection for the Option-NFA squad. Currently ranked 2nd in Canada, Charles is a member of the Canadian National team. What does this spell? O-L-Y-M-P-I-C H-O-P-E-F-U-L. Charles has the uniques quebecor style that is the result of many days of training in icy east coast pipes. charles will be featured in “The Revelation” by extent productions, a Quebec production company who also put out “Ultimatum” a great skate mive last fall. Charles was featured in Transworld Snowboarding last December. Be on the lookout for the French Connection. 418!! Tabernac!!

You will be able to see the Option-NFA team in the new movie titled “The Struggle”, a film by Carlo Wien. Carlo filmed and produced “Fathom” last year, “Fathom” was a huge success across Canada last year and was considered to be a underground hit put together with little budget at all. This year “The Struggle” will see a much broader distribution chain due to a better production budget and a better rider roster.

For more info, please visit www.option-nfa.com!!