Option To Make StepChild Boards

June 3, 2002

Option snowboards will be manufacturing the StepChild line for next year. “I looked into getting the boards made elsewhere, but I didn’t feel too comfortable about doing things overseas and with the Canadian dollar taking such a beating lately, making the boards in the US just wouldn’t work for us.

Johnson remembers the days when he used to ride for World, “All of us on the World team tested some Option prototypes. We couldn’t believe how well they rode. We were going to get our boards made there until Sims snatched up all the riders and the World program took a big dump.

“I am happy to have Option making our boards, just ask anyone that used to ride for Shorty’s how well the boards ride. When I rode for other companies I was sick and tired of riding Chinese noodle sticks. The boards would fold on every landing. I remember one company that I rode for I went through 18 boards in one year. I doubt that I will need more than two boards a year with Option.

Although the StepChild boards will be made at Option, Sean and Rob Morrow do the shaping and design. The Option factory is only a 20-minute drive from the StepChild/Wick Winder Dist. warehouse.

How does Option feel about the StepChild boards? Just ask Grant Wellington-VP of hard goods. “Sean definitely has some good ideas with StepChild, we are happy to be working with him and wish him the best of luck, but he still sucks at surfing.

StepChild Snowboards are distributed by Wick Winder Dist. Call: 1-800-814-4244, or e-mail to:info@wickwinder.com