Vancouver, BC, September, 2001 ¿ Option-NFA Inc. (Option Snowboards Inc. and NFA Board Gear Inc.) is pleased to announce the much-anticipated launch of their new website ¿

Option-NFA Inc. has always been known to have a cutting edge, informative website, and, for 2001/2002 has ‘stepped up to the plate’ as far as latest, creative web design. Webmaster, Elias Castson ( along with the Option-NFA design team, has created a site so interactive and pleasing that visitors to the site are sure to spend hours discovering its many new updates and hidden features.

Upon arrival at the site, which, can be accessed by entering:,,, visitors are given the choice to explore either the Option Snowboards site or the NFA Board Gear site. “Both brands (Option & NFA) are so different from each other: one is a snowboard brand and the other is an outerwear/streetwear brand. We wanted to create some differentiation between the two so we created two separate sites.” states Aaron Macdonald, Marketing Manager. Aaron further adds that, “although, both sites do have similarities, we have changed up the colors, and some of the content to best suit each brand.”

Both sites use Flash 5 extensively (Macromedia ¿ Flash 5, industry leader in web design animation). A built-in program will check the visitor’s computer to see if they have Flash 5. If not, the visitor will be prompted to download it (which takes less than one minute on a 56K modem). Otherwise, the visitor will proceed into the pre-load sequence, which features a chair-lift ride animation, telling the visitor once the site is loaded (when the chair-lift reaches the summit). Once complete, visitors will notice a creative and unique interface-template.

Inside the site, visitors will have many choices: access between the two sites (Option & NFA), a main navigation strip at the top of the screen and new, exciting updates at the bottom. The date and time of the visit is embedded into the template (calibrated to the visitors CPU).

The navigation strip, which is located at the top of the template, offers numerous choices. Visitors can check on current news and events, learn about either Option or NFA, check out upcoming events and team news & updates. The site also features Option-NFA’s complete team rider roster that includes rider profiles (including photos and bios), Kevin Sansalone, Joni Makinen, Jon Cartwright, Carsten Bahnson, Andrew Hardingham, Scotty Goodale, Kendra Starr, Jeff Nelson, Chris Naugle, Errik Ilves, and team manager Chad Perrin. In the boards & gear section (the Option site) is the complete 2001/2002 Option product line up, including bindings, streetwear, boards, tech features, and much more. In the clothing section (the NFA site) is the complete 2001/2002 outerwear and streetwear line, along with photos, features, and the complete product line up.

In the “In the Loop” section, visitors are treated to the customer feedback survey, an on-line CHAT section, a ‘Frequently asked questions’ section and a photo gallery.

In the “Dealer” section, Dealers will find the current dealer database and information about our Dealer Extranet (on-line inventory reports, price lists, marketing tools, monthly specials and much more). The contact page has been creatively laid out lists with contact information of their entire headquarters staff (photos as well), along with the North American rep list, the International Distributor list and much more.

“It turned out just right,” says Aaron, “I spent 45 minutes in the site, discovering new things that the web guy developed along with our own content. Everyday something new gets added. I can’t believe how rad it turned out.”

All Option-NFA products are built with exceptional quality, performance and style. For more information on any of Option-NFA products and/or services please contact Custoomer Service at (604) 255-5594, or e-mail us directly from our site.