Open Spaces Feature Video

Mikey's land of plenty. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Mikey's land of plenty. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

TWS rallied to Mikey Basich’s Area 241 last winter. Riders Danny Davis, Stephan Mauer, Nicolas Mueller, Eric Jackson, Mads Jonsson, Jeremy Thompson and Tim Humphreys all joined in at various times. Get the whole story in the December issue out now. Until then, enjoy the video.

Excerpt from the December 2001 Feature “Open Spaces”

Open Spaces

Do you ever dream about it? You know, your dream spot. Your happy place. Sure-mansions, yachts, Lambos, models feeding you grapes-all of that exist far off in our fantasies. But I’m talking about what really makes you tick: powder laps, pillow pillaging, cliff drops…all rideable right out your front door. A retreat where the reflection of white wakes you every day and the lines are visible from your bedroom window. One where personal pillow lines and natural hips are only a mellow stroll away. In this life, your only worry is whether it’s a riding day or not. And instead of getting on the bus or into your beater whip, you step into your own Piston Bully, crank the tunes, and push up a powder booter in a matter of minutes. This big, snowy backyard is all yours to explore-a launching point into the backcountry depths. And when the weather’s foul, it’s a welcome place to wait out storms and disappear from the world, while tall pines and snowdrifts stand guard. Such a place exists-it’s not a fantasy. This is proof.

Video by Tim Manning

Watch the full video documentary about Mikey Basich’s snowboarding career and his path to Open Space. Open Space – A Film: The Untold Stories Of Mike Basich