Open Mic

By Megan Pischke

Before you can really see a sunset,

you must first feel the darkness

with no flashlight, search for the one thing

you can only see with your eyes shut,

and find it.

Before you can appreciate a sunset,

you must walk through the woods

in the pouring rain, cold and wet,

remembering how dry and safe

somewhere else might have been.

See the tree

that has been struck down by lightning,

and realize that, like you,

it once stood tall,

and strived for the sky.

So, when you do feel that sunset,


close your eyes, and watch

as it all gets pulled inside.

Paint yourself with its heavenly pride,

and know now nothing can touch you like this.

Then, reach out for the stars,

because tomorrow’s sunset

could be lost in the clouds.


Open Oven

By Megs

“Sweet Meggie Fries”

A yummy, cheap, nicely colored side dish.

You’ll need:

2 large yams (the orange potato things)

2 cloves fresh garlic

olive oil

lemon pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Wash and cut yams into fry-like strips.

Chop garlic and toss with a couple dashes of olive oil.

Throw on some lemon pepper and bake for 30-35 minutes (or until brown and crispy¿the thinner the fries, the quicker they’ll cook).