Open Mic: Shawn Farmer


i've been around the world so many times

i'd have to go on tour to pay for my crime

seen 'em come and go and i came and went

but i had one hell of a time on my stint

seen the suckers win and talent lose

and i drank about a hundred-million gallons of booze

now there're kids throwin' moves that can boggle the mind

we used to do mutes, hell is back in my time

jib parks were a waste of time

they'd just mess up the snow with a cat and call it fine

that kinda stuff was never my style

but get me on top of the mountain, and i'd go wild

people said that i was insane

and nothin' but ridin' could ease my pain.

rippin', tearin', always swearin'

didn't care what i was wearin'

takin', breakin', never fakin'

started bringin' home the bacon

swillin', drillin', never chillin'

partied until i was illin'

reekin', freakin'. seldom geekin'

look at me i'm on the peak an'

rippin this mountain apart

i did it 'cause it was in my heart

you might think i'm an ass

or you might not care

but i'm here to tell you all

i was there

i was a madman, i didn't shave or bathe

i liked to lose my mind and return unscathed

top to the bottom, an' bottom to the top

i go through hell or high water 'n' still won't stop

i didn't care about the contest man

i'd be rippin' up as much powder as i can

i'd start a fire in the middle of town

and i was never afraid to let my hair down

if it flows i'd drink it, if it burned i'd smoke it,

if you found a busted trinket, you can bet i broke it

i hurl 'n' hold the in-run steady like a hucker

if a girl told me she was ready, i would pluck her

like a cherry from the vine

diggin' down in it just like a gold mine

is it still like that today?

i don't care

but i'm here to tell you all

i was there

i used to ride with goodwill, perata, and hetz

and i got free tickets everywhere i went

i used to ride with keith kimmel, ranquet, and bas

and i told the whole world to kiss my ass

i still like metal, i think it rocks

i used to ride moguls at breck with a jam box

full-size ghetto blaster on ten

and i betch 'ya one day i'll do it again

the highest of the highs and the lowest lows

i'm down right now an' that's the way it goes

i'm on medication that keeps me sane

and filters out the twisted thoughts in my brain

knew jamie lynn when he could barely spin

back when jim hale was still my friend

i used to ride with jay liska, palmer, and fowl

and i'm never ever ever throwin' in the towel

i got obnoxious and loud ridin' with dave dowd

had rose-colored lenses made by suncloud

i rode with kenny hill, seone, and frez

and i don't really care what no one sez

those days were the best, these days seem pale

i think i even took a couple runs with hale

i went to paris, i seen a roman column

and i got second place at the baker bank slalom

i rode with craig kelley, dano, and ike

and i never met a pussy that i didn't like

you can prop 'em up, and i'll wax 'em down

and you better hide your sister when i come to town

i was ridin' alaska when you were still nursin'

never had identification on my person

i rode with rosco, zach, and steve link

if you were at the toilet, i'd piss in the sink

rode baker with fulton, rode the bird with brewer

woke up bleedin' facedown in the sewer

some shit works out, and some shit don't

and it seems that most of mine goes up in smoke

i don't have a bank account or a credit card

so forgive if i laugh when you're tryin' to act hard

i went for mine, and i did what i did

i was rhyminѺ over metal for years, like the kid

had to fight, scratch, claw, rip, and tear

so when you're actin' o.b.

don't forget to remember

i was there

i threw layout backs on a half a fifth a whiskey

rode a 195, you're on a 150

threw jack-flips and the ball-grab special

my personality … was it hyde or doctor jeckyll?

you ain't seen the last of me, know what i mean?

i'll be hauntin' your ass when you're sleepin in a dream

or a nightmare, yeah, that's more like it

all the gen-x, x crap, i don't buy it

where were they when i was breakin' off pieces?

playin' beach volleyball with gabby reeces

they didn't care then, and they don't care now

they tell us all about our sport, and they don't even know how

i ain't sayin' that i'm better or worse

but it's drivin' me crazy like an evil curse

i live with it, in a mad mad mind

if you can't see that for yourself, you must be blind

i remeber when heroes used to be cool

now they're all just a big mass-marketing tool

bein' who you are ain't enough, it won't fly

'cause the superstar is sayin to buy, buy, buy

got me down? hell no, got me runnin? don't bet

'cause y'all ain't even seen a goddamn thing yet

ya think i'm old now and i ain't as fast?

well meet me in the next life

i'll kick your ass

you can think what you want.

i still don't care

i just gotta let the people know

i was there