Open Letter To Firestarters

The following anonymous letter arrived at the office not long ago in response to the environmentallyinspired arson at Vail last fall. Some folks around here agreed with the letter, others didn’t. But allthought it thought-provoking. Did “The Lynxists” hit the nail on the head or miss the markaltogether? You be the judge.-Ed.

By now, most of you have heard about the handful of fired-up activistswho more or less sealed the fate of the Vail Valley lynx back in October. They seemed to think burningdown several buildings on Vail mountain, including Two Elk Lodge, would put a stop to the resort’s plans forexpansion into what was once considered lynx habitat.

While there’s something to be said for caring enoughto go to prison for a cause, you can’t just go around burning stuff down whenever you get pissed off. Lynxare cool. Spotted owls, too. And there’s no question the last thing Vail needs is more intermediateterrain-they’ve already got 4,000 acres of that (or whatever the total acreage is). I saw a lynx once out thewindow of my condo (746 square feet of alleged lynx habitat).

The only other time I’ve seen one was on thewall of the Gashouse restaurant in Edwards. I liked that one, too. But you see, my imprisoned lynx-huggingfriends, however admirable your concerns, you’ve only damaged your cause-effectively taking a bite out ofVail’s ever-growing ear. Surely you didn’t gain any local favor (they’re as apathetic as ever) and all thenational audience heard is that Vail was victimized by arsonists-and arson’s regarded in the same sickneighborhood as kiddy crimes.

We’re all down with the lynx, but it’s obviously going to take a hell of a lotmore brain power than you lot could muster to create positive results. Offer a solution. How aboutpressuring Vail to fund a lynx reintroduction program in an unaffected area? How much habitat wasdestroyed to replace the logs in Two Elk Lodge alone? Did you think Vail Associates was uninsured? -TheLynxists