Op To Hold “King Of Snow” Competition

IRVINE, Calif.–Sept. 13, 2002–Op, the original action sports brand, today announced its renewed and increased commitment to the “Op King of…” contest series, unprecedented action sports entertainment created for pay-per-view, cable television, and home video and DVD.

Following a successful series launch in 2002 with the “Op King of Skate,” in which six of the world’s best skateboard riders created and executed never-before-attempted stunts in pursuit of a $25,000 winner-take-all cash prize, Op will in 2003 additionally produce the “Op King of Snow” and “Op King of Surf,” as well as another “Op King of Skate” event.

“The reception and results of this year’s Op King of Skate were incredible, and we can’t wait to see this series reach its full potential,” said Michael Marckx, Op vice president of advertising and marketing. “We believed from the start in the long-term value of the ‘King of…’ format as annual events that break the action sports mold with entertainment for both core participants and a more general audience, and so far, all our expectations have been exceeded.”

According to “King of…” co-producers Doug Palladini of Cynic Youth + Alternative Marketing and Jeremy Kove of Munson Industries, the 2003 “Op King of Snow” production is now under way, and unconfirmed dates are in place for surf and skate events.

“Op’s shared vision has allowed us to not only get off on the right foot with the 2002 ‘Op King of Skate,’ but create a strong platform on which we can build the entire series,” said Palladini. “Op’s marketing prowess allows us to accomplish our objectives in creating entertainment that is true to each sport we cover, respects the top athletes competing, and offers high quality, compelling programming for a worldwide audience.”

About Ocean Pacific Apparel Corp. (OP)

Launched in 1972, Op was the first surfboard manufacturer to create an apparel line to meet the demands of surfers, in and out of the water, and became the defining name that is the surf/beach culture. The brand was the first action-sports company, the progenitor of “West Coast living,” and the originator of what is now known as the “active lifestyle industry.”

Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Op is now the largest privately held and most recognized action sports apparel brand in the world, and offers a broad array of product extensions targeted at the youth culture and its attendant preoccupations — surf, skate, snow, and urban and street fashion — for both males and females, the young and young-at-heart.

Through manufacture of goods ranging from apparel and footwear to fragrances and accessories, and sponsorship of world-class sporting events and athletes, Op continues to remain true to its mission: to create quality active-lifestyle products with genuine value, authenticity and style.

About Cynic

Cynic, a division of DGWB, exists to be a marketing juggernaut, the very avatar of reaching young people all over the world with unique and credible programs. The Cynic Manifesto decrees that traditional advertising is no longer powerful enough to reach the youth market; a much more literal and direct link between your product and the people who use it must exist.

That company-to-consumer link, when made with an authentic message, can create unparalleled brand strength. That link is Cynic’s reason for being.

About Munson Industries

Munson Industries is a youth marketing agency, primarily focused on representation of alternative marketing opportunities such as Marvel Comics, the SCRATCH Tour headlined by Dilated Peoples and Z-Trip, RJ DeVera’s Ro-Ja Import Drag Racing Team, and King of Skate.