On-Snow Surveillance

Millions of cameras capture your image every day. ATMs. Convenience stores. Banks. Parking garages. The government has your mug on file in the Pentagon. So how do you subvert this daily invasion of Big Brother’s all-seeing, all-knowing electronic eyes? By taking the surveillance equipment into your own hands. Wage a war with images. Turn the cameras around and create.¿J.S.

Sony DCR-TRV900 Digital Video Camcorder This three-chip camera is the weapon of choice for filmers looking to capture digital images for Web sites and footage for videos. “I like the TVR900 because I can use it virtually anywhere in almost any condition,” says ThirtyTwo Team Manager Eddie Lee. “It’s convenient to pack around, and it’s always nice to view the recording on the wide screen.” For you, it’s top-notch equipment to help secure a sponsor, or go over video when you’re working on a new trick. The DCR-TRV900 is a semi-pro camera bundled into a 2.1-pound package, offering a 3.5-inch swivel screen, progressive scan recording for high-quality stills, 12X optical and 48X digital zoom, and Super Steady Shot® image stabilizing power.
Suggested Retail Price: $2,000 sonystyle.com

Canon Elura 2MC Mini Digital Video Camcorder

This camera is perfect for stealthier missions at resorts, or rail operations in town when discretion is advised. The Elura 2MC features three shooting modes, Firewireà'"¢ computer connectivity, 10X optical and 40X digital zoom, image stabilization, and a high-resolution rotating view screen. It also accepts the MultiMediaCard (an industry-standard storage media). This camera is no bigger than your fist and will help capture every last, murderous detail of your and your friends’ campaign in the shred park.
SRP: $1,800 canon.com

Century Precision Optics .3X Ultra Fisheye Adapter It’s funny how that ten-foot backside air you just did in the pipe looks like it’s two feet on camera. Using the Ultra Fisheye Adapter with your DV camera, however, can make your exploits look dramatic and impressive on film. The lens works by creating a barrel distortion effect that exaggerates depth by pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the background. The energy the Ultra Fisheye creates in action shots makes it indispensable to the snowboard filmer.
SRP: $895 centuryoptics.com

Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Elph

It’s a mixed-up world out there¿best be prepared for survival. The Elph is a basic necessity¿it’s ultra compact and takes amazing digital photos up to 1600 x 1200 pixels (including many of the pictures posted on transworldsnowboarding.com). With a three-point auto focus, the equivalent of a 35¿70 mm zoom, continuous shooting at 2.5 frames per second, and the ability to record and play back movie clips, this camera covers all the bases without weighing down your pack during the long march into the backcountry.
SRP: $599 canon.com

Bushnell Night Vision Binoculars
Complete your guerrilla-surveillance outfit with a pair of night-vision binocs for reconnaissance on rails and other shreddable terrain under the cover of darkness. The Bushnells feature 3.1X magnification and a built-in tripod mount. JP Walker’s been known to lurk the backstreets of Salt Lake with some infrared scopes like these and, of course, a film crew on standby.
SRP: $699 bushnell.com

Commodity Of The Month
A forum for snowboarding’s latest technology.
Backpacks. They’re packs, and they go on your back … so how far can their technology actually evolve? Well, Drop has a new angle on the “carrying your shit on your back” model that allows you to keep your backpack on and still grab essential gear from its pockets. The new ParkAXS (shown here), along with several other of Drop’s packs, features GlideAccsys patent-pending pockets with tension adjusters that can move easily to the front on a waist belt, then retract to their original position on your back with one easy motion. With the ability to clip the pockets in front for your mom’s fanny-pack practicality, or move them back and forth when you need something, Drop is taking backpack technology into the new millennium.
SRP: $100 1.866.dropmfg