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Tor Lundstrom and Kevin Backstrom started BYND x MDLS a few years back and snowboarding has been better for it ever since. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching one of their edits, feel free to highlight "BYND X MDLS", hit CTRL + C, and then CTRL + V in our search bar and scroll through the mind-blowing footage. After you witness the insane riding and ludicrous antics from Kevin, Tor, and anyone that finds themselves lucky enough to cross paths with them in their globetrotting, scroll through the interview below to see what they have to say about their latest ventures filming for the upcoming TransWorld SNOWboarding movie, Arcadia, set to drop this fall!

Tor Lundstrom, Halldor Helgason, and Kevin Backstrom in Saas-Fee. PHOTO| Dominic Zimmerman

So what is BYND X MDLS?

Kevin: BYND X MDLS stands for Beyond Medals.

Tor: It is a crew, web series and streetwear brand.

How long have you guys known each other?

Tor: We have known each other since we were 15 years old. We moved to Norway together to attend NTG. A school were we could snowboard everyday and combine it with school.

Kevin: We were 15 years old, got our own place in another country with no parents around, the dream for two 15 year olds haha.

To MDLS and BYND. Tor and Kevin pose for a quick portrait. PHOTO| Theo Muse

Tor: Four or five years later we were on the national team and some journalist blew up that we went to a strip club and made a thing out of it. Kevin then told the journalist to fuck off and wouldn't apologize for the national team. Some other stuff happened so they kicked him off. Then I left as well.

Kevin: It was probably the best thing that could happen to us.

Tor: While we were still in the national team we started a web show with Diggles called Beyond Medals. Diggles came up with the name after watching some interview with Shaun White called beyond reason and we thought it was a funny name. So the episodes was just us snowboarding and taking a bit of a piss on the olympics while trying to go there, but all we really wanted to do was travel, snowboard, film and party. And because our sponsors supported us, we were able to continue to do that and put out episodes and even a full movie last year! Shoutout to you for having our backs Monster Energy, Bataleon, Capita, Laax & 686.

Tor Lundstrom launching some in Tahoe. PHOTO| Ben Birk

You have built it up as two friends, what was it like to make the jump into the TransWorld movie?
Kevin: It was so sick. We have been watching our idols in those movies since we were kids. We are so thankful that we got the opportunity to film with TWS.

Tor: Last summer while we were still figuring out a movie project we got offered to film with TW, which we got so stoked on of course. We jumped on the train straight away and it’s been so fun. We still made BYND X MDLS episodes throughout the winter, apart from filming the movie part, so it was the perfect setup.

Countless hours of style has been captured of these two riding around Laax. PHOTO| Dominic Zimmermann

What trips did you go on for your web series as well?

Tor: First trip we did was in Japan in January, second trip we did for the episode was in Sweden when we did the RV Tour of Death.

Kristofer Fahlgren, Halldor Helgason, Tor Lundström, Kevin Bäckström, and Theodore Muse somewhere along the RV Tour of Death. PHOTO| Daniel Bernstal

We heard about the so-called RV Tour of Death, what is it?

Kevin: RV Tour of Death was one for the books. Six dudes cruising around Sweden living in a RV…

Tor: The RV tour was one of the best trips of the season. It just makes everything so much better when you got the house with you and are able to sleep anywhere. The purpose was the same as always: snowboard, film and have a good time. We started in Riksgränsen where we had really good conditions. It was my first time there and I enjoyed exploring that part of my country a lot. After Riks we went to …re, tt turned into a intense four day party that felt like it would never end and then it ended at the police station.

Beyond mattresses with Tor and Kevin. PHOTO| Theo Muse

What is it like riding with each other? Why do you think it works so well?
Kevin: It's dope as fuck, who doesn't wanna ride and travel all over the place with their best friend. We have been shredding together for 10 years now, so we kinda know what both of us wanna do when we get out there.

What was it like switching from producing a 25 minute movie last year to a five minute part for the movie this year?
Kevin: It was pretty much the same actually, the positive thing about only filming a 5 minute part was that we only had to care about the snowboarding and not the rest that is behind a movie!

Kevin Backstrom taking the high road in Tahoe during the filming of Arcadia. PHOTO| Ben Birk

Favorite part of filming this year?
Tor: Everything. I enjoyed every trip we went on very much and the crew was always amazing. Learned alot this season.

Kevin: All trips has been so much fun this year. My favorite one was probably our trip to Tahoe. So sick to be out there with sleds and get to ride spots that we have seen in old movies. We got to hang out with our boy stuntdick wich was tight too!

It is easy to see why Kevin loved Tahoe. PHOTO| Ben Birk

What about filming with Halldor?

Tor: It was really motivating filming more with Halldor. Most badass dude in snowboarding. He has an insane ability to pump you up when you need it and watching him snowboard at a spot is mindblowing every single time. You never know what to expect from that guy wether its on or off the hill.

A real-life action hero, Halldor Helgason, along with veteran stuntman Brendan Gerard. PHOTO| Theo Muse

Kevin: Halldor is a real life superhero… Everyday we go out shooting he gets something crazy. The only negative thing about filming with him is that he destroys every single spot that we go to so our shit looks like crap haha. No but he is the man! He is the best guy to be out filming with, don’t know any other guy that can get you that pumped up!

Alek Oestreng, another Arcadia cast member, is also a pretty good friend?
Kevin: We went to the same snowboard school as Alek in Norway! He was as good then as he is know. We have always looked up to that guy! Can't wait to see his part!

More Lundstrom. PHOTO| Theo Muse

And how about riding in Japan?
Kevin: Japan was tight! Probably one of our favorite countries to be in. Snow was good but a little low compared to last year, but still a shit ton of snow! Sebbe de buck joined us for a few days on that trip, he really killed it. We got a lot of good stories from there.. Tor passed out sitting on a bar stool and fell backwards so people tought he died. He was all good tho just a little tired..

Who's part are you most stoked to see?

Tor: Really excited to see Halldor and Alek’s parts. I know they both worked really hard and it will show…

Kevin Bäckström believes in the slash and burn theory while riding at Kläppen. PHOTO| Daniel Bernstal

What else do you guys enjoy in snowboarding right now? Just across the culture as a whole.

Tor: A lot of dope stuff is going on in snowboarding at the moment. It depends on what you enjoy looking at of course, but recently I have really enjoyed GLUE, Visitors, Fruition and Yawgoons. We both really enjoy watching Ben Ferguson, Alek Oestreng, Halldor, Hitch, Nico Mueller, Kevin, Joe sexton, Sebbe De Buck, Jake OE, Jed Anderson, Mikkel Bang and many many more.

Plans for next season?

Tor: A BYND X MDLS project that I'm really excited about!

Kevin: Can't tell you what it is yet though!

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