Olympic Snowboarders Promote Nestea Cool

Trio of Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic Medalists, Ross Powers, Danny Kass and J.J. Thomas to Join Nestea COOL Snowman in New COOL Ad

ATLANTA, GA (2002) — Talk about chillin’ out. The Nestea COOL Snowman will have three new buddies to hang out with in 2002, as The Coca-Cola Company recently announced that America’s hottest new Olympic stars, Ross Powers, Danny Kass and J.J. Thomas have joined the Nestea COOL team.

Ross, Danny, and J.J. will bring their youthful energy and optimism to the Nestea COOL brand in a variety of compelling ways created to speak to the brand’s teen audience. Current plans include national television advertising, appearances at events on behalf of Nestea COOL, and autographed merchandise.

“Ross, Danny, J.J. and the Nestea COOL Snowman share a laid back, self-assured, ‘cool without trying attitude’ that is particularly relevant to our target audience,” said Jeff Herbert, president, Beverage Partners Worldwide/America, a joint venture between Nestle S.A. and The Coca-Cola Company. “We are excited about sharing these Olympians’ unique style with our consumers.”

In addition to the sponsorship of the Olympic snowboarders, Nestea COOL is planning to make this spring and summer extra cool for teens. The brand will introduce new packaging featuring the Nestea COOL Snowman, a new lemonade-flavored ice tea, an in-theater and national sampling program, and an under-the-cap promotion. Both the new packaging and lemonade iced tea will hit store shelves in mid-April.

The Nestea COOL national sampling tour plays off the new COOL packaging graphics and will kick-off in June. The program features specially-designed vehicles that transform into a chilled snowman ice shack, a blizzard wind chamber where consumers can grab COOL summer cash and coupons, as well as appearances by the Nestea COOL Snowman. Also this summer, Nestea COOL will provide teens with discounts on their favorite activities, such as movies, music and theme parks, through an under-the-cap promotion on Nestea COOL 20-ounce and 1-liter packages.

The Nestea COOL line of iced teas is designed to be the coldest, smoothest and most refreshing tea available. The tea flavors include Lemon, Rasbrrry Cooler, Peach Frrreezer, and the new Lemonade iced tea. Nestea COOL iced teas are available in 12 oz. can, 20 oz. PET, 1-liter, 2-liter, 12- and 24 packs.

BPW (Beverage Partners Worldwide) is a joint venture between The Coca-Cola Company and Nestle. While the Coca-Cola Company and Nestle have shared a business partnership for more than ten years, the BPW joint venture is focused on supporting the fast-growing ready-to-drink tea, coffee, and functional beverage categories. BPW operates automonously while drawing on the capabilities of Nestle and Coca-Cola.