Ogio, Subject Merge Teams

Nation’s Top Athletes Riding Under Team OGIO Banner

BLUFFDALE, Utah (July 8, 2003) — Gear bag manufacturer OGIO today announced it is teaming with the Subject family of gear bags to create one team.

OGIO will assume design and marketing responsibilities for the Subject line of gear bags, and the Subject force of athletes will begin riding for Team OGIO. “By bringing together these two top names in sport bags manufacturing, the benefits are two-fold,” says OGIO VP Special Ops Jon Jones. “First, we will throw our full weight behind one team — creating an indomitable force in extreme sports. And second, we will intensify our design efforts to deliver the kind of performance gear these professionals require. This is a great moment for OGIO, and we are stoked to call Subject’s athletes our family.”

Bob Burnquist — a longstanding Team OGIO member who was recently ranked the world’s fourth-best athlete by Men’s Journal Magazine —adds, “OGIO is becoming one of my favorite sponsors. From the riders to the office staff, these are just great people. I am also excited about all the new riders that are now coming over from the Subject family. A warm welcome to those now rolling under the OGIO flag. Welcome and let’s have some fun!”

Snowboarder Seth Huot, who until recently has been both riding and designing for Subject, sees great possibilities in his new relationship with OGIO. “It’s a great move to have this kind of team come together under one roof,” he says. “I also cannot wait until we all have a chance to party at OGIO’s private sport facility — that will be a force of athletes!”

Other new OGIO athletes include Eric Koston, Paul Rodriquez, Mikey Leblanc, Travis Pastrana, and Chad Reed.

For more information about Team OGIO and the OGIO brand of gear bags, please visit the company’s web site at www.ogio.com, or contact OGIO direct at 1.800.678.0314.