Office Daze

Office proles rejoice! Instead of pattering rain drops, Rothko walls, or sprouting nubs of grass, now you canzone out all day on perfect tree glades and wide, empty bowls, dropping cornices in your mind instead ofselling bond funds over the ‘Net. Cylogic’s new Ski Area Screen Saver packs 60 North American resortsand twenty European mountains in its “Best of the World” version.

Choose your favorite hill as your monitor’s wallpaper, then dream the afternoon away as a slide show of some of the world’s best resortsshuffles across your screen. Customize the slide show however you fancy. Snowboarders will relish in theability to banish the hills that are still closed to riding, those heinous bastions of equipment prejudice. Butquite possibly the coolest feature of the Ski Area Screen Saver-at least for Windows users-is the snowticker.

Downloaded quickly and easily from Yahoo!, it provides up-to-the-minute snow conditions andinformation for each resort that pops up (use the wrench icon on the tool bar to adjust the length of time eachresort stays on screen so you can read the entire snow report). This could actually come in handy when youclose that big deal and your boss gives you the rest of the week off-simply scroll through the areas, note onthe snow ticker that Steamboat has received two feet and counting, then book your tickets to Colorado. It’llwork even if you didn’t close that deal, and you’re just itching to burn up a few sick days. What thehell-Steamboat’s got two feet of fresh and counting! Own the Cylogic Ski Area Screen Saver by going or calling 1-800-295-6442.-E.M.