NSAA Ships Jackets To Needy

The snow resort industry is keeping other countries warm.

LAKEWOOD, Colo., November 6, 2003 -- SWAG, (Sharing Warmth Around theGlobe) a program of the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) recentlyshipped more than 9,000 retired winter jackets across the globe this falland is collecting another 15,000 retired ski area uniforms to be shippedat the end of November.

“The support from ski and snowboard resorts, distribution partners andvolunteers is what makes the program possible. This program has truly madea difference in thousands of peoples lives.” said Cheryl Jensen, SWAGexecutive director.

SWAG is dedicated to the distribution of retired ski resort uniforms tothose in need in cold-weather countries throughout the world. Whetherresorts are changing brands or updating uniforms, SWAG serves as an outletfor retired winter ski resort clothing.

The 9,000 garments sent this year were shipped through H.E.L.P.International, Hungarian Consul General’s office, Nepalese YouthOpportunity Fund, Asia Foundation and Colorado Roundtable. Several otherorganizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense, International RedCross and Humanitarian International Services Group, are assisting withNovember’s shipment. To date, 30 U.S. ski areas have participated inSWAG.

For a complete list of program partners and resort participants, visitwww.swagusa.org.