Nothing but love for B4BC’s Megan Pischke

Words and Photos: Natalie Langmann

Nothing but love for B4BC's Megan Pischke

Hot damn, so much love packed out Merlin's Bar in Whistler, BC, last night for B4BC's (Boarding for Breast Cancer) fundraiser to show support and raise funds for one of their own spokespeople, ten-year supporter and event organizer, Megan Pischke - who last November was diagnosed with breast cancer. Autographed snowboards adorned the walls with jackets, pants, boot, and binding combos hanging for bidding: photographs from Cole Barash, Scott Serfas, John Scarth, a Craig Kelly shot from Mark Gallup, and more; art from Jamie Lynn, Matt French, Vanessa Stark, Mark Kowalchuk to name just a few; a surfboard; heliboarding with Eagle Pass, Baldface catboarding, and a day for four to hang and skate with Tony Hawk. Priceless indeed.

"I have been crying all night," said long-time pro-snowboarder Megan, who looked a little overwhelmed by the outpouring of great friends. Despite what chemotherapy does to one's body - currently Megan's going through six-months of chemotherapy but will continue taking chemo-pills for the next five years - her strength is obvious as she explained how she has been using cold-cap method to keep most of her hair while supplementing health alternatives as much as possible.

A good majority of the Whistler shred scene came out to support Megan Pischke. PHOTO: Natalie Langmann

And the love couldn't have been more obvious as the crowds threw down a bidding war after Megan's husband DCP gave a heart-warming speech thanking everyone for coming out: The Godfather, aka, Martin Gallant and Alex Warburton fought up to 1,700 dollars for an original Jamie Lynn - it came down to Gallant shrugging his shoulders and claiming that he owed his snowboard career to Warburton, so he'd stop the bidding then or we'd be there all night. Iikka Backstrom and Annie Boulanger both threw down high numbers for art, a surfboard, and photographs. As MC Stu Andrews put it: either Boulanger has a lot of blank walls or a big heart - obviously it's the later. After Dustin Craven dropped in with six grand for a New Years trip to Baldface, he jokingly asked the crowds if anyone wanted to buy him a drink. Amanda Mourant and Dom Vallee worked through the night organizing raffle tickets and silent auctions, everyone else raised their glasses and rocked out to Wes Makepeace, Scott Sullivan, and Trouble Andrew.