Northwave Ads to Team

You know who they are, you know why we chose em and you know how to get in touch with them. Bill Markham and The Wrecking Crew are the new Northwave, Drake, Bakoda and APX Project representatives for Colorado and New Mexico.

After 7 years of faithful service, Liz Sargent stepped down from her position as “The Northwave Rep” citing that she needed to travel the world. “Liz went out at the top of her game like Gabe Crane did. She didn’t milk it and go powder riding.” Said Sales Manager Johan Malkoski. “Beth killed it for us and we are eternally grateful.”

On the team front, Northwave North America recently signed Chris Engelsman to its Northwave and Drake pro team rosters. Chris also rides for Elevation Snowboards, Dragon, and DaKine. “Northwave was my first boot sponsor, back when they were called N Boots. It’s only fitting that I’ve finally come home,” says Engelsman. Be sure to check out Chris’ part in “Afterbang” by Robot Food, out in stores this fall.

Seth Huot was recently signed to the APX Project pro team. Seth joins Kevin Jones, Mikey LeBlanc, Andrew Crawford, Tadashi Fuse and Finnish amateur Iikka Backstrom to round out one of the best teams in all of snowboarding. Seth’s other sponsors include, CAPiTA, Volcom, Technine, Dragon, Subject, and Milosport. Look for Seth in “Happy Hour” by Kingpin Productions coming out this month.