Nokia Air & Style Snowboard Contest 2001&Air & Style Skate Jam15. December 2001 Casino Arena Seefeld / Tirol ¿ Austria

“The Stars and the Créme de la Créme of the snowboarders and skaters in Seefeld

All places of the starting list for the 9th Nokia Air & Style Snowboard Contest are fixed. The eight best snowboarders from last year are automatically qualified for this year’ contest. Stefan Gimpl, Roger Hjelmstadstuen, Jussi Oksanen, David Benedek, Michi Albin, Ingemar Backman and 10 others will dare again the jump over the great Straight Jump.

Stefan Gimpl:
After he won both last year’s events, Stefan suddenly had an impressive fleet of vehicles. Might he be able to win a 3rd time in a row? “To win the Air & Style a second time under better circumstances, was the best, what happened to me in Snowboarding up to now. I could enjoy my victory last year.” (

Roger Hjelmstadstuen:
Only at first glance the Norwegian seems to be shy. Last year he nearly won with his 1080. Can’t await, what he will show this time. Roger describes himself as netfreak, who checks his e-mail 8 times a day.(

Jussi Oksanen:
During the season Finlands Jussi is travelling mainly in the States. To film with Kingpin Productions and Standard Films. Burton put him straight into the Global Team and he can also be proud of his own pro-model.

Michi Albin:
During summer Mr. Albin was relaxing in the mountains of the Engadin, where he was helping his parents in their mountain restaurant. Also the beaches of Costa Rica called him to ride on the waves … definitely a good preparation for contests like this ….

Darius Heristchian:
The Swiss who is also belonging to the pulp68 family, is a lively person, who loves his Mom’s food and for whom fun is about the most important in life. He seldomly misses Big Air Contests and so he will show also this year, what tricks he is able to do.

Andrew Crawford:
Andrew was playing classic violin when he was young. Someday he had to decide between the music or a career as professional snowboarder. He still plays the violine, but Snowboarding is in the first place. A good decision, which Andrew proved with his 2nd rank in 1999.

David Benedek:
Germany’s Big Air Rider Nr. 1 has recovered fully from last year’s injury. He loves Italian food, but not when girls have hairy legs. If you want to know more about him, check out, his site is always good for surprises!

Ingemar Backman:
The calm Swede is the only one beside Stefan who won the Air & Style two times. Ingemar is a phenomenon in Snowoard-Biz, not only cause of his successes, which don’t get less with the years, also as businessman he is giving a good picture. His name stands for Allian Snowboards and WE Clothing.

This year the snowboarders will get prominent support of eight pro skaters, Andy Macdonald, Jürgen Horrwarth, Sergie Ventura, Jocke Olsson, Renton Millar. They will show their best tricks during the jam session and the highest air in the Red Bull King Size Ramp fighting for a prizemoney of US 30.000,-.

“The Stars and the Créme de la Créme of bands in Seefeld

Air & Style Village Party ¿ Friday, 14.12.01

Village Stage

Total Chaos

Generating pictures in mind, describing moods and perfectly coordinating beats and raps ¿ this is total chaos` professionalism. Manuva & DBH have dedicated their lives to inspire us with deep, atmospheric hiphop-tracks ¿ such of which they`d appreciate listening to themselves more frequently. Cause one thing is for sure: Total Chaos is not “your average hiphop band”.

Sound & vibes have been founded in isolation. The journey started off in Innsbruck, which obviously neither in the past nor at present represents hiphop`s meeting point. However, the winds of music carried DHB and Manuva off to other geographical destinations such as Munich and Vienna.

Including a diverse range of Austrian hiphop-musicians, the classical “two turntables and a mic” concept mutated to a funky jam-session á la CTI-style.Total Chaos will present the surprising Air & Style Song ENERGIE at the village stage in Seefeld.

Ferris MC & DJ Stylewarz

Ferris MC, the object of adoration, grew up in the concrete suburbs of Bremen. In 1990 he founded, together with two friends, the Hip-Hop-Cornbo Freaks Association of Bremen (F.A.B.). However, with a broken voice and even more smashing raps he made it to rapidly become a local celebrity.

After numerous acts, a couple of maxis and sampler contributions as well as the LP “Freaks”, they decided to separate and each go individual ways in 1997. Ferris makes the step further to his career and continues in Hamburg.

There the Mongo-Clikke around the absolute beginners dominates, as for example “Fünf Sterne Deluxe”, “Eins Zwo” and many more, who all take him into their hearts and furthermore make him to the most booked visitor-MC ’98/’99.

The single “Im Zeichen des Freaks” and the album “Asimetrie” ultimately selected Ferris MC as the favourite of the underground Hip-Hop scene. Now his second solo-attempt “Fertich” has shortly been released and he`ll for sure introduce it to us ¿ make up your own opinion of the rhyming monster at the village party !

Nokia Air & Style Snowboard Contest ¿ Saturday, 15.12.01

Contest Stage

Samy Deluxe

Samy Deluxe went on tour in October with brand new tracks in the luggage. Not only the crowd in 14 German cities will start freaking out when Samy and his hot support KC Da Rookee and Blak Twang from London will enter the concert halls, but Samy will also arouse with its unique liveshow a storm of enthusiasm among the boarder freaks at the 9th Nokia Air & Style Snowboard Contest.

We are all awaiting Samy who received the MTV Award 2001 for the best German Artist in the Casino Arena with his greatest hits, such as à'†žWeck mich auf..”.


M.O.P. stands for Mashed Out Posse and moreover for Brooklyn-style Hardcore-HipHop. Lil` Fame had ¿ prior to founding M.O.P. ¿ released two songs on a sampler in 1992, then joined his friend Billy Danzenie with whom he had been rapping since former school-days… In 1994 they together published their first outcome “To the death” and two years later a second album “Firing Squad” at Relativity Records. Two more were to follow: “First Family 4 Life” and the actual compilation “Warriorz”.

The guys behind M.O.P. repeatingly mention that they do not deny their origins and thus, other than Puff Daddy or Master P, lyrics rather deal with conventional rap-topics such as ghettos, drugs and gangs than with great vehicles or haute couture. So, welcome these guys to a spot on earth where it`s gonna be as cold as ice!