Cindi Ferreira drives a 1950 Chevy Deluxe named Eunice, sits behind a wood desk stacked high with papers, and only rode six days this year (one of which was on skis)¿but that’s what happens when you are the vice president of a successful snowboard outerwear company like Sessions. TransWorld’s Chad DiNenna caught up with the woman behind the voice-mail message to ask her a few questions about what she really does.

What’s your job description as it would read in the newspaper?

Jack of all trades.No, but what do you really do there?

Most people just think I’m Joel’s Gomez, owner girlfriend; I basically oversee the whole company. I make sure everything is running smooth with reps and such; I also get to listen to people who come in and don’t really know what I do here. You’d be suprised at how much information you get out of a person before they figure out who you are; they put their foot in their mouth.So am I going to blow your cover?

Kind of.How did you get into the snowboard industry?

I started making point-of-purchase displays for people like Santa Cruz , Burton, and even Snowboarder. While Joel and I were dating, this idea came up of doing a clothing line. People were calling for it, and at first it was just a bunch of patches sewn on clothing. Then, we decided to go for it.How long have you been at Sessions?

Getting paid … three years, but I’ve been here since the beginning of the clothing company five years.What’s the best thing about your job?

During the year, when you’ve produced all your goods and you find out they’ve sold really well in stores. The bottom line is if it sells in the stores, that’s what makes me happy.What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you?

I was gonna marry Shaun Palmer!!!Are you an out-to-lunch Lucy or a sack-lunch Sally?

An out-to-lunch Lucy.What do you ride?

Burton Contact.If you were boss for a day, what would you do differently?

If I was? I am the boss, and Joel and I are constantly trying to make changes every day. Every year we try to reach new plateaus.What do you do in your spare time?

I have a horse named Stella I don’t see enough, and a secret garden that I really love. But my one big thing is going to flea markets; I’m a flea-market junkie. I collect these little Chicken of the Seas tuna casserole dishes. They were a promo item and are super hard to find. That’s what I live for, so if anyone reading this has one, send it my way.What else would you want people to know about yourself or Sessions?

I want to let people know some of the people behind us who have helped us out along the way. First and foremost my boyfriend Joel, and all of our employees and riders. Brad Steward for setting us straight with production, Greg Garret who is a god in my mind, and Rich Novak for all he’s done; he’s my hero. Not to mention people who aren’t our riders, but who help a lot, like Ranquet for taking care of Joel, Roach for being Roach, and Shaun Palmer because we owe him our company. Just ask him! That’s about it.