Nitro Summer Camp: Day Three

Someone left the Pixies’ CD Doolittle on repeat for more than two straight hours. While I was shooting pictures on the deck of the halfpipe sometime during the middle of the day, Nitro Product Manager and new video filmer Tim Weisser looks over to me and asks, “What’s a debaser?” I answer, “It’s someone who takes the bases off of snowboards.” Who knew if that’s what the Pixies had in mind when they came up with the song, but the Nitro riders who had gathered on the slopes of Zugspitze outside of Garmisch, Germany for the Nitro week at Camp Gap 1328 were definitely putting their bases through the paces.

After the morning clouds burned off, two well groomed, slightly slushy pipes were the focal point of the action. Riders like Max Plotzeneder, Mark Reilly, and Italian newcomer Giacomo Kratter stood out. Just about everyone ripped. Nici Pederzolli was getting back into the swing of things after sitting out for several months with a broken back. Thomas Beckna Eberharter looked strong. Seth Neary was following just about everyone with the video camera to get all the action.

Lucas Huffman, Giacomo, and Roman De Marchi all hit a huge kicker, with various degrees of success, hampered by the slower, slushy snow. There was one small casualty with Jesse Huffman packing his shoulder into the bottom of the pipe mid day. The hospital report was torn ligaments. He’ll have the rest of the summer to recover and will be back in time for snowfall next fall.

After dinner, Nitro Owner Tommy Delago busted out some of the new graphic ideas for Nitro’s 2002 line. With a mix of spooky Halloween and heavy metal imagery, the look will definitely be a hit with the skateboard crossover crew. The team riders were loving them.

Later, I find myself in a discussion with Tommy about the strengths and weaknesses between capped and sidewall constructed snowboards. It’s enlightening, to say the least.

The evening wrapped up with some home movies that Neary had made of the riding from the last two days. But the highlights (or maybe low light) was the film he got of Jesse Huffman and Shin Campos wrestling in their hotel room the first night they arrived. Jesse had Shin in a good headlock, but Shin pulled a true WWF reverse and ended up winning after it looked like he was out of sure.

More on the Nitro summer camp tour tomorrow.