Jesse Huffman locks his skateboard trucks up on the coping in the bowl and grinds around the corner of the bowl. It’s a sick move and the five guys watching cheer and beat their decks on the ground in approval.

He, along with a crew of other Nitro Snowboard pros had hit a rad little skatepark located in an amusement park called Play Castle Tirol in Austria. The park had a nice bowl, kinked vert ramp, and a couple of fun boxes, in addition to an indoor soccer field, climbing wall, tons of video games, and a bunch of other activities to keep little and big kids alike entertained.

What brought the Nitro team riders into town was the fact that the company is holding a summer camp week at Zugspitze mountain in Garmisch, Germany. Approximately twenty different riders, along with Nitro staff, reps, distributors, journalists, and photographers¿equaling about 70 people total¿have gathered to ride, hang out, bond, and just have a bit of a good time.

Monday was the start of the camp and a lot of people were still arriving from around the world. Unfortunately, the weather on the mountain was super windy, so most skipped the slopes in favor of getting over jet lag, goofing off, or skating.

Jesse, along with his brother Lukas, Shin Campos, Mark Reilly, Thomas “Beckna” Eberharter, and several Italian team riders decided to hit the Play Castle and were stoked with the bowl and other skating features, and sessioned the place for several hours.

We will continue to bring you updates from the Nitro Summer Camp in Germany the rest of the week.