After experiencing growth and and increase in consumer demand, Nitro USA is bringing back it’s soft goods for the 02-03 season. A streamlined, functional line is the theme, matching up well to Nitro’s award winning hard goods.

Although Nitro clothing has been successful in other markets for the last five years, Nitro USA opted not to bring it in for the last two seasons. “We were in a re-building stage…” explains Nitro’s product manager Tim Weisser, “so we decided to put all of our energies into our hard goods programs to bring them to a higher level. Now that we have increased market share and are gaining a loyal following of Nitro riders, people have been asking about the soft goods and how they can get them.” Not dealing with the clothing enabled Nitro USA to focus on boards, boots, and bindings, and the results can be seen by the increase of nitro boards on the hill.

Sales manager Rob McCutcheon, who comes to Nitro with some good outerwear experience, has been working with Designer / Owner Tommy Delago, the Nitro Team, and some key retailers to come up with an exiting offering for the U.S. market. The goal of the line is to provide to consumers functional, good looking outerwear that packs a lot of value.

“We plan on bringing the line into some key shops and building it up step by step,” says Rob. “Nitro has a history of steady growth, and we want to build the reputation of the new clothing through opinion leaders who will ride our gear and experience the quality that Nitro represents.”

The line will be narrowed down a bit from the international collection, focusing on colors and styles that will go over well in the States. There will be enough styles, however, to cover all the major price points. The focus of the clothing, like the rest of Nitro, will be quality, function, and designs directly from the input of the Nitro riders.

Jesse Huffman is one of the key riders who has been working with Mike Dawson to design rider-specific pieces. “Mike D. is rad because he takes our ideas and puts them right into the products, so our ideas don’t get warped in the process.” Says Jesse. The full 02-03 line will be available to check out at SIA Vegas this winter.

In other news, Nitro Snowboards is pleased to announce the addition of Lane Knaack to the U.S. Team. Lane, originally from the East and part of the recent Mammoth migration, is also a member of the grenade posse. He will be riding Nitro Snowboards, Boots, and Bindings.

At 19 years young, Lane has already competed in the world championships, triple crowns, and the grand prix events. His plans for next year are to ride a lot, film, and hit a few key contests. According to Lane, Nitro became a top choice for him because the “boards ride extremely well and it’s a real snowboard company.” Lane will be joining the Huffman Brothers, Campos, Reilly, Tonino, Currier in the the Nitro R&D process with designer Mike Dawson, out of Seattle.

Skater and heavy metal enthusiast, Lane should fit well into the Nitro team. Look out for Lane busting at a pipe near you.