Nitro Groovin’

Nitro Groovin'

Company owners know how to throw a party.

In honor of team rider Guillame Chastagnol's birthday, Nitro threw a bash at the Yucatan Club in Engleberg, Switzerland in December.

Entertainment was provided by the Almost Pretty Good Band (APGB). Never heard of them you say? APGB features Nitro Owners Tommy Delago (drums, slide guitar, electric-dual-slide guitar, and vocals), Sepp Ardelt (bass, harmonica, and vocals), and Ardelt's sons, thirteen-year-old Eve (lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums) and seventeen-year-old Pat (bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar), and team rider Jonas Hagstrom (acoustic guitar and vocals).

Nitro's World Marketing Man Chris Custer and team riders Fabien Roher, ISF two-time halfpipe champion, and Max Plotzenader each made special guest appearances on lead vocals.

The place was rocking as the APGB played various covers and original music. One of the main numbers featuring Delago and Ardelt on guitars electrified the crowd of 1.300 and Roher and Plotzenader got the crowd jumping to AC/DC's “Highway to Hell”.

Roher and Plotzenader were so liquored up on good Swiss beer later that evening they needed to have the words in hand to salute Chastagnol (Chasta) with a rockin' version of “Happy Birthday.”

Nitro USA's current plan is to spearhead the APGB's United States invasion by having the band perform at the company's fifth annual U.S. Open party at Mulligan's Green Door Pub in Stratton, Vermont.