Nitro Assembles Women’s Battalion

Nitro is pleased to introduce the women’s battalion. The group is made up of a cool bunch of girls/women with lots of experience on the slopes as riders, competitors, or instructors. They will be helping to promote Nitro and women’s snowboarding at various industry demos and contests around the country. They have also helping out in R&D, by testing out prototypes and giving feedback to the Nitro design studio, similar to what the Nitro pro team does.

The Battalion includes Carla Simcox, Brooke Morton, Alison Kusy, Janet Hawkinson, Carrie Rodberg, and Leah Hurst. Any questions or comments about our women’s program can be handled by Leah at

Also in the women’s department, the Nitro 01 Am Team includes Marnie Yamada, Karen Steinbeck, Marcie Brown, Jessica McCallum, and Christina Lefebvre, who give their input into the women’s program and represent Nitro on the slopes. The Women’s Battalion is named in the spirit of the new, aggressive board, boot, and binding line, with a “seek and destroy” theme.