Nitro Announces Ams, Launches Web Site

Nitro has recently re-vamped its homepage,, which last year won several awards for superior web design. Expectations were high in order to improve on the site, and Nitro delivered. The layout of the site is a mountain, with cool stuff to explore at different points.

On the product side, a split screen layout lets consumers choose up to four different products and view them side to side. In addition, there is detailed information explaining the construction of the boards, and a chat room where people can give opinions and ask questions. The improved dealer locator, which was always a challenge to keep current worldwide, helps consumers find their local shops more easily. Although it does have all the basic functions well designed, what makes the Nitro site interesting is all of the extra, unexpected things built into the homepage.

The team is another of the main focuses of the site. Instead of a bland question and answer format, each rider was able to design their own unique profile, including verbal statements from each rider in the form of audio clips. The team also shares their favorite places to ride powder in the powderscout section, and will be taking turns in the chatroom.

In another effort to bring consumers and dealers into the cyber era, Nitro USA has recently sent an interactive cd to all active storefronts. The cd, playable on both macs and pc’s, features music by Bush, Oleander, Molotov, Beck, and Powerman 5000, as well as clips of the Nitro team and the 01 products. Check out and check out the state of the art in homepage design.

Nitro Names North American Am Team

Nitro Snowboards is pleased to announce the lineup for its 00 / 01 am team. The group represents up and comers from around the country who are standouts in their local scene. It is a diverse bunch of riders, ranging from 13 year old Annie Finnegain to 85 year old “Banana” George Blair.

“By bringing the Am and Pro teams together for photoshoots and other Nitro events, we will be creating a family environment where the ams can learn from the pro’s and vice versa,” says National Sales Manager Kris Kuster.

In addition to representing Nitro on the hill, the ams will be key providers of product feedback, as they are the ones who are close to the shops and spend the most time on the equipment.

Nitro’s North American pro team, made up of Shin Campos, Lukas and Jesse Huffman, Mark Reilly, and Tonino Copene will continue to help scouting for young talent and working with the next generation of riders. The am who has the best season will receive an all expense paid trip to the Nitro International Summercamp in Zugspitz, Germany. Nitro also has many European team riders, both pro and am.

The 00/01 am team is: Chris Currier, Marni Yamada, Joe Gilles, Khristian Bombeck, Oliver Reed, Spencer Tamblyn, Jeff Hambleton, James Jackson, Darian Draper, Dan Wilcock, Marcie Brown, Luke Gorman, Jeff Perry, K.C. Vetterli, Annie Finnegain, Talon Gantz, Rick Tucker, Jonathan Pederson, Jaison LeRoy, Jessica McCallum, Ryan Rutz, Stephen Sherick, Lane Whiteside, Hilary Bearinger, Maurice Holten, Bryce Maxwell, Mark Baty, Justin Rutz, Kevin Durland, Christina Lefebvre, Seth Quackenbush, and “Banana” George Blair.