Nitro Adds Therry Brunner

Nitro has added Swiss halfpipe specialist Therry Brunner to its pro team. Therry went from nowhere to the top in no time at all. His talent, his will, and his athletic abilities have led on an incredible run at the podium on the ISF World Tour, which not only impressed many of his competitors but also stunned the media.

Two years ago, Therry was a nobody who held only a license for regional Swiss events. His success was so instantanous that he turned pro after only one season of competition. He won the YOZ Games in Solden, Austria, was second overall on the ISF Motorola World Championships, got second place finishes at Stoneham, Canada and Garmisch, Germany, was third overall on the ISF Motorola North American Tour and at the Sims Invitational, and took a fourth at the U.S. Open at Stratton.

Therry continues to work hard on improving his riding: he spends a lot of time riding all year long, no matter if summer or winter. And his incredible passion and love for his sport keeps him being motivated and focused on riding all the time!