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Nine Queens 2015 Wraps with Progressive Women’s Riding

The World’s Best Riders Stomped New Tricks in Austria

Words/Photos: Vanessa Andrieux

Without a doubt, the Suzuki Nine Queens in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria has made its mark on snowboard history, with many personal firsts and never before landed tricks. The weeklong session ran from March 15th- 20th and featured heli, sunset, and sunrise shoots, as well as the grand final, the Big Air Contest.  Norwegian style queen Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas came out on top and took the overall big win by stomping her first-ever frontside 1080.

"I am so surprised to be on top of the podium, because I came up here this morning super tired and wasn't sure how it would go,” said Kjersti following the event.

“All of the sudden, I'm trying stuff that I know I can do and actually got a front 1080 which is my first ever. It's an amazing feeling,” she continued.

The Big Air contest took the format of a one-hour jam session where each rider had about eight runs, with two best tricks counting to their total score. Kjersti's consistent riding and effortless style is what set her apart, with a backside 540 japan and front 720 stale. On top of that, she landed nearly perfect frontside 1080 for the first time, a trick stomped earlier in the week by Jamie Anderson (USA).


Having stomped a world first double backside rodeo mute the day before Klaudia Medlova, 21,  was on form and threw down an airy backside rodeo 540 and a frontside 720 mute placing second and Elena Könz came in third with a personal first backside 900 and a switch backside 540.


For the last four years, the Suzuki Nine Queens has been the epicenter of progression and with the addition of snowboarding last year, the all-female event is now also the driving force for the evolution of women's riding. This year, the girls sessioned the castle-themed booters, multiple jib sections, and its many trannies, tunnels, and hips in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Through the sunrise and sunset shoots, the girls slowed down their tricks, highlighting the grace and style of each rider.

During the heli-shoot, the soft snow on the landings, bluebird skies and sunshine, and an incredible camaraderie between the girls really enabled them to let loose, try new tricks, and push the level of riding with every session.


New tricks were common with Jamie Anderson not only stomping her first front 1080 mute, but also a switch back 900, a cab 900, and a 1080 all in the same hour and a half heli-session. Slovakian Klaudia Medlova nailed her massive backside double rodeo 9, while Spencer O'Brien (CAN) landed both her cab 9s and front 9s to the many cheers of her fellow riders.

With such a long trick list of personal and historical firsts and incredible images arising from the event, there is no debate as to the importance of Suzuki Nine Queens for the rapid evolution of women's snowboarding.

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