Nikita signs Minna and Natasza

Nikita signs Minna and Natasza.

Nikita Clothing, an Icelandic company owned by rider/designer Heida Birgisdottir, has signed top girl snowboarders Minna Hesso from Finland and Natasza Zurek from Canada. “We are stoked to have Minna and Natasza on our team. They are not only sick riders but also super nice girls. We are very proud of our team” says Heida.Natasza Zurek won the U.S. Open halfpipe this year, and Minna just finished 2nd in the first halfpipe contest this season, in Tignes, France.

Nikita is “Street clothing for girls who ride”. “We are out to make cool clothing for the sidesliding girls of the world” says Heida. “I basically design clothing for myself, and then we make some more” she continues.

A former distributor/retailer of most of the top snow/skate brands in Iceland, Heida Birgisdottir always had problems finding cool street clothing for herselve and other potential girl customers. In 1997, Heida decided to solve that problem and created her own clothing line, under the name Nikita. It quikly became one of her snow/skate shops hottest brands, and is today by far the most popular street clothing brand for girls in Iceland. “After we released Nikita in 1998 in our snowboard shop, The Missing Link in Iceland, we finally had something to offer the girls and as a result our shops turnover increased a lot. All the girl riders we know around the world have the same problem, they want to buy their stuff in snow/skate shops, but just can’t find the right sizes, shapes and colours”, says rider/designer Heida Birgisdottir. “Being a girl doesn’t necessary mean that you want short pink jackets with furry collars, but you still might want to wear something else than your boyfriend and brother” Heida continues. “I think that snow/skate/surf shops around the world will find out exactly the same thing as we did in our shop in Iceland, that girls are very valuable customers and appreciate it a lot when you got the goods they want”.

“So far the response to has been awesome” says Runar Omarsson, sales manager of Nikita.”We used to get great feedback from girls around the world who came into our shop in Reykjavik and bought Nikita clothing. Now we are getting great feedback from retailers and distributors as well, and are organizing global distribution. The fact that Nikita is designed by a girl who likes nothing more than to snowboard, skate and surf is a major factor in our clothing line. Of course our line is less bikinis and more pants/jackets since we come from Iceland, but hey, not all girls can go around in just their beach outfit!”Nikita clothing will be available in snow/skate/surf shops “were you can usually find plenty of good boards, nice outerwear for both sexes and loads of cool street clothing for boys” says Runar. “The girls reaction is what means most to us, and so far, they love it!”For a preview of Nikita Clothing, check out