Nikita International Window Display Contest

Who does the best Nikita POP job in the world?

Is it you? Ya think? Well, we believe you, but you’ve gotta prove it. It will not only be worth it in regards to sell through, but we think you’ll be pretty stoked with the prize as well. Best display wins a trip for two to Iceland!

Here’s the deal:

You just received the Nikita Winter 2004/2005 collection. Congratulations, you are already a winner …

Now what can we do to make the goods sell-through as fast as possible in your shop? We already have a killer team, we are doing ads in the sickest magazines, and we get tons of love from girls everywhere. POP is the best way to back all this up.

POP are those posters, banners, signs, stickers and other promotional stuff that we want you to use in your shop to help make it super duper clear to your customers that you carry NIKITA in your shop. So, since last years contest was such a success we’ve decided to have some fun with it again!

We are therefore launching THE OLYMPIC GAMES OF POP.

The rules are simple, but the prize is not!

WHO: All Nikita dealers can enter the Olympic games of POP.

HOW:Be the best at decorating your shop with NIKITA. Use the POP tools we provide you with, or your own home-made NIKITA decorations!
Then – take a picture of your shops entrance and of your Nikita POP and send to
Now use your imagination!

WHEN: All pictures have to be in before November 1st.

We will then announce the winner in the beginning of December.

The best decorated Nikita shop wins a 3 day trip for two people to Nikita’s hometown Reykjavà­k, Iceland. (For sure we’ll have a drink!)
We look very much forward to meet the winners next summer over here.

Drop us a line if you need any info!