Nikita Holds Sales Meeting At Skatepark

Company Mixes Business with Pleasure at Skate Park LeeLee Skateboards and a 13-foot Vert Ramp Make Nikita’s Bi-Annual Sales Meeting Anything But Dull

San Diego, CA (September 2, 2002) — Girls’ skate and snow clothing company, Nikita Clothing, has planned its bi-annual sales meeting for September 4 at the country’s hottest new skate venue, the Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Skate Park, located in San Diego County, Calif. Reaching the market of young, outgoing girls who look for comfortable riding clothing with an edgy style, Nikita has chosen this venue not only for fun, but to give the expert skaters on their sales team a chance to rip it up and for those who don’t, the chance to learn how to fly.

As a girl-specific clothing company, Nikita pioneers the combination of style with riding comfort and movement. Traditionally a male-dominated sport, interest in skateboarding among girls and women is on the rise. “As more girls become skaters, Nikita will be there to make sure they have the best gear for riding,” says Jen McVey Riley of Deep Distribution. “Holding a sales meeting at the newest, best skate park in the country is a way for us to keep in touch with the industry.”

The Nikita sales team will be carving it up on LeeLee’s skate decks. Known for it’s cool designs like the Cadillac, Mini-Zen and Queen Triggerfish, LeeLee makes both long and short boards and focuses it’s marketing scope on the female action-sports population. Continues Riley, “LeeLee makes boards for girls, we make clothes for girls. What better a company to partner with?”

The Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Skate includes a 10-foot deep pool constructed by the country’s best pool specialist, Wally Hollyday of California Skate Park Construction. It also boasts a 13-foot-high vert ramp, constructed by Twister, the industry’s leading expert in vert ramp and street course construction. Less than a month old, the skate park is already receiving the skateboarding industry’s stamp of approval. “We would like to see more girls participate,” said Mission Valley YMCA Public Relations Director, Dick Hassenger. “Skateboarding is a sport for every kid.”

As a design, layout, and project consultant, pro skater Andy Macdonald believes Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Skate Park. “I helped design the new skate park to be the best all-around park in the nation,” says Macdonald. “The street course offers something for every level of skater, and with the vert ramp and cement bowl, every aspect of riding is represented. This new skate park has something for everyone.”

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