Nikita Forms New Alliances

Nikita clothing has formed new alliances with riders Morgan LaFonte, Marni Yamada, Burgi Heckmayer and Julia Baumgartner.

“That’s right we have a small deal going on with them; we hook them up with some clothing ¿ and they take us to the sweetest spots in their favourite resort when we visit them” Heida Birgisdottir, owner/designer of Nikita says. “It’s really great, and we will do this with girls in some other places for sure ¿ it’s more about just hooking up and going riding, isn’t that what life is about anyway?” Heida continues, “we are stoked, these girls rip!”

Nikita is a rider owned and operated company that makes “street clothing for girls who ride”. Nikita is brand new so it might not yet be in your favourite shop ¿ yet!

Team Nikita is: Natasza Zurek, Minna Hesso, Keiko Yanagisawa and Christel Thoresen. For more info on Nikita check out