Nikita Clothing Re-launches It’s Web Page

At the same time as Nikita clothing is now available for the first time in the best snow and surf shops around the world, Nikita is re-launching it’s web page with new look and new features. You can look at samples of the collection on-line as well as seeing where you can find Nikita in your area. Check out to see what’s new in girls snow/skate fashion.

Nikita is a rider owned company and our goal is to make cool street clothing for girls who ride. “I basically make clothes for myself and then we make some more” says Heida, Icelandic girl snowboarder/skater/surfer who is the designer/main owner of Nikita. Nikita Clothing was born in Heida’s own snow/skate shop, “to offer something new for the growing group of girl customers that not only wanted to get girl specific boards, boots and bindings, but also clothes.

Nikita is proud to have some of the best girl snowboarders in the world on the Nikita team; including Minna Hesso, Christel Thoresen, Keiko Yanagisawa and Natasza Zurek. To check Nikita out, go to