Nikita Chickita Europe Wrap Up

Snowboard Chikita Champ Cecilia Larsen. Photos: Courtesy of Nikita


Nikita Chickita Europe 2009 was a blast!  Thirty-five girls from all nationalities including Swiss, Italian, Austrian, German, Slovakian, Polish, Slovenian, Croatian, Dutch, Swede and Finnish traveled to make this year's contest the best EVER!!  Thanks to everyone who made it such a super sick event.

The weather gods were with us and similar to last year, the day began with some light snowfall with the afternoon clearing up to let in some sunshine.  Mexx and Flo, the shapers, made sure the girls had a great course to ride with two kicker lines, a stairs set with a down flat down kinked box and rail combo or choice of a flat box to picnic table, finished off with a tire jib and wallride.


The atmosphere was happy and relaxed from the start.  At registration the girls came to collect their goodie bags, stoked that each got one despite the contest being free to enter.  Every girl had a Polaroid picture taken which was pinned to a board and displayed in the chill out area next to the course so everyone could see who was riding.  It also made it easier to know who's who by what they were wearing, especially as the Nikita Chickita rule is strictly no bibs.  No point in covering up a girl's style, right!?

After warm ups the thirty-three girls in the women's category started out the qualifiers with three runs each.  The two amazing juniors also stomped the course and impressed the judges.  The girls pushed themselves throughout and the riding was immense; most girls doing spins of 3s and 5s and hitting up the stairs with a double kinked rail.   After all the qualifications, 11 finalists from the women's were chosen and as the juniors killed it with their runs, they both went through to the finals.

We had a great crew judging the contest in the form of Nikita team riders Julia Baumgartner (Austria), Sabrina Kusar (France), Ana Rumiha (Croatia and Nikita Chickita 2008 winner) and Maude Richon (Switzerland).

Things stepped up again in the final with an even more impressive standard of riding; more spins including 720's and junior Klaudia Medlova from Slovakia, at just 15 years of age was the only girl to be doing backflips.

Nikita Chickita Norway winner Cecilia Larsen from Sweden clinched first with some solid runs throughout the course of the day, never missing a trick. She pulled out a frontside 5 to cab 5, 50-50 to frontside boardslide on the kink box and a super high wall ride, all on just on one run!  The judges unanimously agreed she was this year's winner saying "Cecilia ROCKS!"  She has a great style, super smooth and continued to pull out some impressive stuff like the 50-50 180 to switch 50-50 on the double kink box.

In second place was the silky smooth Cilka Sadar from Slovenia who had some fine runs including a frontside 5, switch backside 180 on the biggest kicker and in other runs hit the box, 50-50 180 out, a backside 3 and frontside 7, the only 7 of the contest.

Third place winner was Anais Cettou, champion of the recent Nikita Goodie Lady Session in Switzerland.  She landed a backside 3 cab 5 among her runs and just pipped Nikita Chickita Europe 2007 winner Steffi Hamman for third place.

Another mention of the juniors is a must.  Klaudia Medlova from Slovakia really surprised and impressed the judges.  She was a definite contender in the final and if she had the same run and luck as her qualifiers, would have made the top five for sure.  She pulled out a front 5 and backflip, the only backflip of the comp.  She clinched the top spot for the juniors ahead of Katarzyna Rusin, who did a backside 3 frontside 3, wallride and tried out the double kink box.  Definite big ups to the juniors, the judges appreciated your style!

The judges enjoyed the contest as much as the girls seemed to and last year's winner Ana Rumiha said she "had the same fun riding as judging this year", also because of local shredder and team champ, the 'easy style' Julia Baumgartner.

The chill out area next to the course provided plenty of tunes between shaper Flo playing some select tracks from his i-Pod and DJs RythmusGymnastik giving a taster of what was to come at the after party in the evening.  Those in need of some TLC got a custom massage from El Forage one of the top 5 masseurs in the world. As always he was dressed for the occasion in a black and white Mexican wrestling mask.  Eerie but well appreciated.

So after the contest everyone headed down the mountain for some après ski drinks, freshened up, ate dinner and headed to the Patschi Bar for the after party.  The prize giving took place first with the winners of the juniors and womens getting huge bags of goodies including Nikita streetwear and outerwear, Lomography cameras, Coal beanies, Dakine bags, Les Ettes perfume bottles and more.  Cecilia won the first prize of 1000 Euros and a one year contract with Nikita, in second Cilka got 500 Euros and third place Anais, 250 Euros.

Then party – the best yet!  The bar was packed and RythmusGymnastik got everyone pounding the floor with a wide selection of well known tunes.  The Nikita Chickita party is definitely famous in Serfaus!  Some bemused locals joined in the fun with all the Nikita girls and crew, loving the atmosphere and the DJs set which had everyone jumping.  The massage table was out again with a few people taking the opportunity to experience something new – massage and party in one!

Nikita wants to say a BIG THANKS to all the girls that came to this year's event, you guys made it happen! Some had travelled a long way just to be there and we're looking forward to seeing you again next year for an even bigger and better event!