Nidecker Announces Two European Vacation Winners

Vista CA, March, 2003: As promised, Nidecker Snowboards has selected at random a winner for the European Vacation. As an added bonus and in the true spirit of snowboarding, Nidecker couldn’t stop at just one shop. “I made the mistake of reviewing the preseason numbers right before the drawing, that put me in a really good mood,” remarked Jerome Boulay. Nidecker Snowboards. The company had been advertising that it would give away one European Vacation at random to all the shops that booked preseason orders by March 5th.

But one just wasn’t enough. The winners are: Tony Smith of Elements Board Shop in Missoula, Montana, and Jimmy Delong of The Other Side in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

In addition to the shops, Nidecker is also sending Justin Cobb, Nidecker’s friendly rep, and Leah Stassen of Transworld Snowboarding Business to witness and document the whole trip.

The trip starts in Geneva, Switzerland where the lucky four will take a tour of Nidecker’s factory. From the factory their next stop is off to the Swiss Alps to go ride steeps and try out some of the product. Not wasting any time, the crew will be catching the TGV, a high-speed train to Paris. In Paris they will meet up with friends of Nidecker and get a complete guided tour of the city complete with snails, wine, frogs legs and all that other good stuff the French are known for.

Sending shops to the factory is the beginning of a new type of relationship between the company and its dealers. Nidecker wants to be able to incorporate all aspects of the industry in the development process of new products and innovations. “Reps, retailers and riders are the people who keep snowboarding moving in a positive direction,” says Will Talbott, the Eastern Sales Manager at Nidecker. “Having constant input from the people who are in contact with the consumer is how you stay ahead in this industry.”

Nidecker is committed to helping snowboarding grow in a positive direction. It continues to build advanced snowboards using modern technology and team rider input. If you want information on Nidecker Snowboards, check out, or you can e-mail us at: